thank you, 2010. woOOOot!

dearest all, Happy New Year. thank you for making my 2010 a hella fun, bumpy ride in both tears and laughters (and shouts and hugs along the way) — your thoughtful thoughts, your forgiveness, your prayers, your just-being-there, your generosity and your ever constant patience in so many ways unthinkable, mind-blowing and … woOOOot! have a good one and another great year ahead. have a blast and be safe! xxx.

this is my last post for this blog.

thank you to each and every one of you for those 29k visits since March 2008.

if you would like to know where i am, just Google moi. haha!


for the new friends I made

for the friends who stuck with me through thick and thin

for the bitches that backstabbed me

for the people who just walked out of my life

for the people who broke my heart

for the people who made me happy

most of all… this is for me on still being awesome, and will be awesome in 2011


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