i find it pure bliss when i

benda-benda yang lebih enak dimakan bersama media kesukaan anda —

meaty sandwich layered with mayo-laden crunchy veges / oatmeal + milk + frosties —
watching that70s show
reading baby blues

buttered toasts
reading any of  ‘the burrow’ parts in the harry potter collection

hot, soupy noodles
korean dramas

pommes frites
all of the above, or anywhere anytime. like it’s my most totally favourite food in the whole world. and must with ketchup.

all of the above.

now i understand why some people prefer not to sleep. aku pun tak suka nak tido because my mind is still working and they produced shitty dreams yang lagi meletihkan aku. eew. bosan. i will only sleep when i am truly exhausted. like after a late night trysting. kidding. late night snacking lagi orgasmic. haha.


i’m in ♥ with so many people at the same time

yeahhhmaybe im paula crowe =p but sarah chalke is really prettycantiknakmamps i actuallyreallyloveher.

ron weasley
— very much immersed in the wizarding world right now… i plugged my ears with kerispatih and read away with relish the harry potter series on the train. i enjoyed it so much that i don’t want to get off the train. and i realized, that’s the only time i have for myself these days, where no one can reach me.

jake gyllenhaal
— he never appeals to me. i didn’t even recognized him in the prince of persia preview. and then i found out it was him. i’m gemma arterton.

anthony bourdain
— i’m watching this episode (S06E007) where everybody he’s interviewing is obsessed about the food they’re obsessing about. tony looks kurus-er. handsome. stop talking to the pigs head, tony!

i think his name is rizal.

i have 700 thoughts running througharoundin my mind right now.

mr munchkin

sometimes, suessy is called sunshine. or recently, he called her cupcake. maybe he got her mixed up.

if suessy could twitter right now, she would like to say that she has the biggest crush on joe flizzow, newest crush on dj nas t, and the biggest fan of altimet, ladyesah, gadisjahat and melayu minimalis.

if suessy could update her facebook stat, which she hardly does anyways, she would like to say that ever since her notebook is “touched” by the administrator, she is not able to tweet and to fb so that nazz ashari and mira izzati knows where she’s missing. thank god she can still access to her yahoo mail and perhaps wordpress is never registered as “(Blogs/Wiki, Social Networking)” hence that’s why she’s updating everything here when she’s still awake because when she gets home she’s a full time mom to four kitties birthed by gueci.

suessy would like to put forward a proposal to a particular management team in appointing yours truly as the ambassador of her friends’ restaurant since she’s getting endless enquiries from various acquaintances when they saw her pictures in facebook while she’s frolicking there enjoying the good food, original locale music and the fanciful murals which one of them is the infamous molecules design by her on-again-off-again ex-boyfriend-turned-bestfriend. now suessy is wondering how can she tagged wani ardy and syafiq zakaria to this paragraph.

suessy is recalling a situation where she was stuck with a bunch of airheads who don’t know what the word “smitten” means and mercilessly mocked her that she’s using it cynically on a girlfriend and successfully made suessy’s attempt by choosing words carefully to give-an-okay to the aforementioned girlfriend’s infatuation on another girlfriend’s brother (that is) to the worst effect. “they misused the luxury of time to look it up in a dictionary by making fun of moi.” boo hoo. suessy also hopes that she will not developed a recognizable pattern when it comes to cliques and circles but a signature cycle of her lifestyle that people would immediately recognized with immediate reference when she starts rambling about it — expect the episodes evaluation of gossip girl and entourage, money talks and the guyfriends she endears and adores.

until then — ughhh i cant concentrate, i’m so ADD, but thats sooo lauren blount — there’s 300 things happening at the same time inside suessy’s mind alone, not including the 500 men-oogling on the LRT back-and-forth daily and 1,000 text messages she ignores every hour. but she would like to share with you this: one of the reasons why yours truly is still not sending a strong signal is because when it comes to love, she still lets her head do the stats and never listens enough to her heart. and unplugged the earphone off when there’s only you and this-very-keen man who wants to start a conversation with you in the lift. third time’s always a charm so don’t lead the two accidents into a hattrick.

are these edible? i want them dead before being served, please.

empire state of mind

i know but this is just how a new yorker typically is. that’s why we have therapists tumbuh macam kopitiam. mood swing memang terlampau vicious walaupun tanpa hormon menyerang.

for quite some time, i’m happy that miss rysa sudah menjelmakan semula blognya. i love reading her blog. happyhappy. sedih pun masih kelakar. maka let’s go back to what makes me happy before, among other things are, reading her blog. gdsjht, hanis zalikha also, of course. tapi hm, gdsjht nanti dulu — she’s so jelas (direct) and tajam macam tv lcd aquos sharp, i want to be perky first and hanis zalikha is too an intellectual prodigy a la the exact blair waldorf like i could not get over her three-point-niners GPA maka i cuma nak happy ala miss rysa dulu and probably because ade nearer connection cause miss kay knows her also and baru ni i hang out with miss kay and itulah. itu je tak significant pun.

nak blog pun ala-ala cara dia konon-konon. hey, i new yorker lah, tapi tu lah, she’s one of my biggest influences selepas mat jan dan michael ooi.

so malam ni sepatutnya jumpa miss kay again siap dah beli pun another top from my favourite oozora tang then boleh nak pakai sekali dengan kerongsang baru bought from paulini tapi sadnessandpatheticness tak tau macam mana nak pegi changkat. boyfie pun takde and boyfie-boyfie lain semua sibuk ade event, ade business proposal, kat site, kat office, even adik sendiri pun failed moi the first time sedangkan dia tu selalu saja frequent bukit bintang. selain nak jumpa miss kay, mr president ade kat sana also so i mau jumpa dia, comolot a la marilyn monroe, ambik gambar-gambar gedik lepas tu upload kat facebook sampai lupa saudara-mara juga wujud dalam network yang sama dan bukan mereka sahaja, prospect-prospect yang lain pun saya consider juga in case jadi male jealousy or tycoon husband mana boleh saya punyai a scandalous past! tapi yang sepatutnya paling aku fikirkan adalah girlfie joe flizzow, adakah saya mau mampos disula? i’m not saying she’s mean like that but if it were me is of kross lea i will be like leni girlfriend dom.

semalam berendam air mata and now boleh happy sebab hm, yang sebenarnya masalah saya adalah masalah perempuan, bukan masalah perlu punyai teman lelaki. sangat pissed off orang nak terus judgmental suruh aku bertenang jodoh takkan ke mana itu semua kerja tuhan tapi yang sebenarnya saya makan hati dengan err… perempuan. yes, perempuan. perempuan-perempuan. takkan nak tunggu suessy-ada-boyfriend-now-suessy-bosan-nak-get-away-from-boyfriend baru kau nak layan kerenah aku, barukah kita now ada common ground? nak tengok track record korang, korang tak pernah single, lebih lemah adalah korang dan yang berani dan kuat adalah aku. tapi bila aku perlukan korang, sebab bukannya tiap-tiap hari aku perlukan korang aku tau la korang nak kena berbakti kepada love of your life, senang-senang korang tepikan aku suruh bertenang dan cari boyfriend. FQU.

imma diva, man
imma trendsetterista
im your referral
im your knowledgehaus

so, anyways, sangat indahnya perasaan ini bila ade BFF baru yang tidak terus judgmental dan tidak nampak ape yang silap dalam keadaan aku dan hidup aku — okay, mungkin dalam pencarian teman lelaki but that is not my concern now and right now, im absolutely not in the mood to compromise who i am. “kau bubbly, dengan orang baru kenal pun kau macam dah lama kenal.” sampai masa with the right man i believe i will naturally know how much i want to give, and how much i want to keep away from him. oh, swell.
berbalik kepada sangat indahnya perasaan ini dan juga kata-kata indah dari BFF baru yang menyatakan selepas makan (tengah hari) — “kau deserve something better than this. there is nothing wrong with you or your life.”

yeayyy ^-^

nanti dengan BFF baru ini suessy akan selalu turun pasar malam, tinjau kawasan kampung dan mandi sungai dan paling best sekali setiap sesi adalah sesi bergambar, wouuhu! see, saya memang new yorker tapi saya amat dambakan simple life sebegini yang sangat aman dan colourful in the sense of thoughts and spontaneity. kalau tak masakan saya terkinja-kinja mahukan domestic life with kids like them at kaze no oka home.

i want babies. not so much into enjoying the process of making them, aku pun tidaklah mahu sebarangan telur lelaki, dan juga tanpa perasaan cinta sejati but yes, i’m adoring babies. babies senang bela. as long as diorang selesa kenyang dan kering, kau nak cium sampai hidung kau tumpul pun takpe. macam bèbè rayyan, bèbè hatiah, bèbè aina and ouuu, beck dan dhilla jadi parents with the arrival of bèbè adrian affendy — gila kewl nama tu and beck has safely secured a rad facebook name for his rockstar son ^-^ i lurrrve adrian’s eyes — adakah anda tahu saiz mata anda tidak akan berubah langsung sepanjang hayat dan ia adalah saiz yang sama sejak saat anda dilahirkan?

so anyways also selain itu semua, there’s roger from american dad, the hills semasa zaman lauren conrad dan j-doramas yang sedang di-download juga buat guwe gembira so stick close to them. and also my kitz, of kross. kaki gueci dah baik weyyy, berkat kurung dalam bilik selama tiga minggu and titik-titikkan minyak habbatus sawda — its a miracle elixir, man!

and oh also, masa marmee kecik-kecik dulu, bila beli benda-benda baru — seperti baju sekolah dan kasut sekolah — mesti tak sabar nak pakai sampai dia pakai dulu masa tidur. then anak perempuan dia ini pakai kurung moden dan kebaya dalam rumah sebab tak ade kenduri nak pegi siap dengan klak-klak-klak stillettos ketuk lantai rumah. and qieqie dan pure leather jacketnya disebabkan dah jarang turun bersosial pakai aja dalam rumah dengan tee indie dan boxer reject shop.

as of them guys, dengan tulus dari hati saya amat merindui zarko and want to spend time with him. “you guys should just end up together.” — nazz. tak tak tak. dah dua kali dia ajak daki broga tengok sunrise dan mungkin kali keduanya lagi aku tak dapat ikut dan sekarang sangat risau kalau dia tak nak ajak lagi. dan juga bila dia pegi da vinci dan aku masih tak dapat ikut juga walaupun aku sukaaa sangat benda-benda macam tu. tapi tu lah, bila timing sentiasa tak kena dan dia sentiasa travelling. memang tak lea aku nak jadi girlfie dia sebab akan banyak merengek meroyan dia selalu tak ade. harap bersabar ye sayang. i hope i’m seeing him this weekend so that aku boleh pakai baju baru itu yang tak jadi pakai malam ni.

and with pharhunt, akhirnya seperti yang dia mentioned to my mum, “saya perlukan suraya di sisi saya pada hari valentine.” makanya saya akan bersamanya juga pada hari itu jadi sila makan hati lelaki-lelaki semua hahahahahahahahaha. nak ajak dia pegi jumpa miss kay malam ni tak dapat sebab dia dan event dia kalau tak dia boleh la nak tau dan merasa perasaan aku yang terkinja-kinja dengan nightlife sebegitu. tapi then dia dah e-mail tanya mana the translated speech so that is why i tak pegi jumpa miss kay dan comolot dengan mr president malam ni sebab nak siapkan translation itu. but i hope i’m seeing him this weekend too and tag along bila dia jumpa clients sebab sekarang i am also part of the business, okay, so keep me in your pocket. and so that aku boleh pakai baju baru itu yang tak jadi pakai malam ni.

faridz dan business proposalsssnya and dato ammar rasis dan client-clientsssnya. kata nak husband yang tycoons. sekarang ni bukan masa sesuaiii sebab diorang tengah nak kejar dan kumpul. meroyan lea engkau macam mana pun, sila leave and let go. nanti-nanti diorang call la tanya status dan location kau. atau pukul dua pagi text tanya dah tido ke belum.

dah, habis merapu. sila settlekan translations sekarang. lepas tu baru boleh bina empire.

kept for so long

suessy needs her groove back

it’s unhealthy seeing how i can be deliriously happy for a few days then went downhill after the sugar rush ends. for a few days. and then it will go up again and along with jack and jill i stumbled down together.

actually, i got tons to do. really.

+ + +

the new yorker’s adventures of being a new yorker


miss ai asked me to go to this briefing about this company’s new system whatever. it is held in that company’s HQ in the city. vesper’s insurance and her id is still not settled and i don’t want to drive over to the city because i don’t want to be bother with the parking and that okay, i have a very bad sense of direction.

the briefing is held in the afternoon. i left office at 12 and took a taxi. now this is being a new yorker, being carrie. ha-ha. i arrived at the building with 45 minutes to spare. i had lunch at the only available cafè with decent food since i have not taken anything since breakfast.

nevermind the briefing. that’s part of work. what i relished about this is that i was all alone doing this. miss em called me after that asking where i am. i told her. she asked with who am i with. i said no one.


nawww. not at all. i love doing this. took a taxi and ride in the city. have lunch in the very middle of the cafè, singularly. there’s nothing to be pitied about. i love myself enough to enjoy the solitary. it was powerful. it was liberating. i relished every second of it.


i need more stuffs in my wardrobe. nevermind others that i want to add up and more importantly i actually need a purse and new pumps. we’ll get to that later. right now it’s in the traditional clothings. kebaya and kurung.

justified reason: there are bound to be lots of weddings this year. most people i know are talking about the possibilities. but those who have put down their date, i will immediately RSVP yes. exceptions for families and BFFs, they are by default RSVP-ed yes.

i have to varied the combinations of my collection. kurung is not flexible to mix and match since they usually comes in their own default combination. kebaya is flexible. and fun. as long as you have the basic colour tops, you can pair it with this or that batik or long skirt or pareo.

i bought two pareos recently. a red and yellow. they can go the extra mile pairing with the white, the black, the red or the gold kebaya top i have. that’s eight different kebaya combination already, out of six pieces.

so where’s the new york-ish part here? oh, just to make it fun since i’m picking them up instead of having them delivered to office to avoid mum finding out. i called the adventure as ‘the new yorker picking up her couture sarongs‘. well, yeah… the brand sewn in the inner part of the pareo says, jz couture.

sometimes, the new yorker has to go and pick up her coutures when she has always have them fedex-ed to her place/office.


last friday miss ai needed something to be taken out of the company’s website. naturally the new yorker doesn’t know how to do it, so she asked one of the company’s in-house designers to assists her.

the new yorker has never stepped inside the server room so she was jakun when she does for the first time ever. she only had her jeans and polo tee on so there were goosebumps all over her arms. it was friggin’ cold with roaring air-conditioner winds.

the new yorker wasn’t much of a help, really. she was there getting a mini thrill of her life and at the same time trying to reach a particular dato’ A to escort her to a party she’s attending — who, was suggested by the in-house designer she is with in the server room.

so what’s the adventure part? a new yorker fashionista may have patience for details in her couture embroidering and sequining, but not the same amount for programming and coding sh*ts. she will accompany you in the server room, though, and asked random questions with the answers given don’t really penetrate into her mind because she’s busy doing mental mix and match of what to wear to the next party.

+ + +

the new yorker is turning korean now and keeps forgetting that ebizo is a japanese

i declare that this is just a phase. i miss ebizo greatly and his cheekiness from across the globe amuses me greatly so that will do for now. because now, i am turning a little bit korean.

for one, there’s three brothers. the last brother, kim yi sang — played by lee jun hyuk — is one hottt sexy detective. phew ~ getarrr hati mak.

then there’s music bank. aku macam layan lea jugak observing details of their hair, make up, fashion and video clips. they are powerful ballad singers for the solo artists and a bundle of sunshine for the pop groups. as for the pop groups, having four to five as the most minimum number and nine the most maximum… aku rasa mati dahi berkerut kot for their stylists to think of the projected images for each individual. hair colour, hair nak selak berapa darjah ke kirikananatasbawah/tutup mata yang mana, makeup, trinkets, brooches, long socks, et cetera et cetera. skirts guarantee tiga inci atas lutut. no wonder the asian porn fetish.

i’m in love with royal pirates. they’re superadorable. when the girls were in madness on wonder girls’ nobody, i never thought of listening to it. because they’re korean. only anything tagged japanese gets me at the time. but ever since faridz tagged me in a video of royal pirates’ version of britney spears’ circus, and i youtube-d them for other videos, i found their version of wonder girls’ nobody. ever since then, i’m hooked. totally. they’re my new darlings and i looked forward to memorize the song. ha-ha.

then there’s hwang jin yi. details, details, details. nuff said. especially on the costume design. i think masa tu the bangsawan and gisaeng ladies mesti suffer from neck strain with those hair extensions. not much difference during marie antoinette times with the hair tower as designed by the fictional lèonard. and their dances. i like the sword dance, i’m captivated. and the crane dance and whatever else to which the costume they wore while performing associates with the dance moves well which then delivers the ultimate effects of awe to the audiences.

also, there’s ryu tae joon in it. ohhh myyy goddd. he can make ebizo make a run for his love for moi.

and there’s always, always, the soundtrack. the search for hwang jin yi‘s soundtrack download buat aku tak boleh tido. thanx to eda, ever the magical hands in finding the almost ungoogleable korean songs torrents, she found it for me. the music score is great. all of them. one wholesome album. that is, kalau kau layan cerita tu lagi kau appreciate lea.

and there’s baek ji young in the soundtrack too. she’s my favourite now, totally. especially with her tear-jerker ballads. remember her like being hit by a bullet? na bbeun sa ram, or translated bad person in english, is another one equivalent to it and i keep the playmode of the song on repeat.

then again, the downside of these korean dramas which i disliked so much in the first place is that when it comes to forbidden love… at least for me, it’s my ultimate doom of despair and depression. gile bila kau dengar the tangisan and the grief they had to endure what with having a tear-jerker ballad on the background which menyemarakkan lagi perasaan, you’re doomed, man… doomed!

hwang jin yi is the last i’m going to watch. i have to go back to shibuya.

+ + +

until then, i am going out to learn the streets of the city. vesper and i are going for more adventures.

itadakimas, ♥

suessy has a thing about domestic life

i’m in the midst of clearing up the successfully hidden mess in my room…
i realized i have an empty space where once it stored this huge comforter i am currently using…
i would need a new comforter set…
but it is easier to buy new tops…
when really, i need a new wedgie for this PD trip heee ^_^ …

dah limabelas jam aku melangut dalam bilik, punggah barang sana sini nak mengemas
anysz: but at the end of the day, nothing is achieved! aku tau… aku pun melangut satu hari atas nama nak mengemas bilik… in the end satu benda pun tak accomplished!
ha-ha ~

relevant: sense of humour is part of the template

these days, i like to hear kimutaku’s expressive voices in one of his many doramas — engine.
innit he’s this cocky bastard. contrary to his interview for this special edition engine promo episode, he is always shouting and arrogant and stubborn and rebellious, cheeky and sarcastic and the best is his interactions with the kids of kaze no oka home — all the berebut makanan and bergaduh scenes — he’s amusing ~
whereas in the interview, he was down-to-earth and soft-spoken and like he doesn’t talk that much in real life.
and the kids are really… well, kids — vocal, sensitive, endearing, darndest at best, innocent, earnest, broken yet tough spirited, hopeful and seeing things as it is because they are sick of beating around the bush.
and i like their dinner scenes. duduk ramai-ramai and eating what eiko-san cooked for them… sangat heartwarming. i like that shunta kid ~ ♥. he’s my favourite. a cute duckling with that mole at the corner of his left eye. nanae is obviously the cutest one, but i will hand her the best actress award instead.

maka untuk penyuntik inspirasi mengemas bilik ini… adalah dengan having all those kids’ voices filling in the room as well, screaming jironii san every twenty minutes and kimutaku screaming back at them. for this dorama, i especially heart the fifth episode (shuntas story) and the eighth episode (when all the kids had to split) and the last episode (when enchosan introduced each kid to everyone in the neighbourhood).
fifth episode is self-explanatory. for the eighth episode, i didn’t cry. but i heart when shunta keep screaming jiro’s name repeatedly as he ran to catch him. and kimutaku stood there waiting, berdiri dengan megah dan macho while his cap visor shielded his expression yang tengah kemut-kemut bibir and ketapkan  his jaw menahan air mata keluar. it’s too much for kimutaku already, he has ran out of sarcasms after the whole run since he has stubbornly refused to literally say goodbye to each of them, and sent them off with some kejam lines instead.
jiro (to shunta): what’s with calling out my name so many times? i ain’t a dog.
but, for the last episode, it was waterworks for me. each introduction of the child was … menyayat hati. truly. they just make you realized how each child is special and strong and unbreakable despite the hardships they are tied to in life. and that they took care of themselves better than we adults do.

i just totally heart this dorama not only because kimutaku prancing around in thight white pants and the food eiko-san served during dinner time but because of the kids! the kids! itadakimasss!

i supposed i am sending mixed signals all the time. but yes, i do want a domestic-oriented billionaire, to sum it up.
anysz: template (lelaki pilihan) suessy mesti botak.
farizz: izary lea… izary…
moi: no, no… he’s not rich enough.
nani: come on lea, suessy… let’s do this aura thingy with me in hartamas.
moi: hurm… how does it work, yea?
nani: they use this japanese method called reiki.
moi: oh, anything japanese works for me.

+ + +

amin: wuih! cantiknya handphone!
moi: oh, thank you. tapi lagi cantik perempuan wallpaper dalam handphone aku tu.

the next day, as i slided layla shut, i was greeted with a ;-p-faced amin picture as my screensaver.

until i’m tired of it, i’m keeping the screensaver as a reminder of how amusing your old schoolfriend can be, ^O^. that’s the bonus part when hanging out with the superstar kidd and amin — they’re friggin’ hilarious!

+ + +

lagi taboo bleeps —

nani: okay… izary is a body___?
izary: GUARD!
the word is builder.

elyas: okay… leonardo da vinci… he is famous for?
semua orang: monalisa! da vinci code! et cetera
and the word is… mother theresa.

beware: taboo is a game where it may actually speaks your REAL mind about the person when that person is being given out as a clue.