layla took pictures

of all the days… last sunday i left out travis at home because there is too much stuffs in birkin already, what more the birkin i’m carrying to skool has no zipper or clasp or velcro or any other kind of fasteners. very freestyle indeed.

eda, yaya, and i skipped the graphic class last sunday because we couldn’t handle our sleep metre. i became the tour guide in finding a spot where we can dozed off – which obviously we didn’t doze at all because gossip is much more importante – and i brought them to the patio underneath the library which i spent times there with juez when we skipped classes or waiting for the next class or eat with nora and aja whatever we bought or those nights with pharhunt konon-konon bercinta lea sangat ;-p.

tha patio has changed for the better. better chairs, better tables, functioning ceiling fans… but not the power plug. benci. on the other side of the patio (L-shaped) is a throw of lush green scenery, hence the ever windy weather… heaven if there’s a hammock.

i stared and stared and stared hard at the building, its design rushes over old memories to me. the entrance we walked into, the entrance we walked out to head to menara or chasing for the bus to sec 2 — a guy ready to leave on his scoot stopped on his track to say hi to me — the classes we had, the bridge linking business skool to the library, the arctic air conditoners of DK1 and DK2, the cafe where we had bbq, the small internet cafe with a mekhi pfeifer lookalike guy who put on the illest music, the burger stall at night, and that poster of the guy with helmet on and a pair of aviator glasses.

i had fun.



recently-single rich boy said: but her eenglish is too superb.
M said: you look radiant. (repeat it again – he did say it twice, y’knowww)
roha said texted: you lose weight babe…

i like the final one. the mood got such an uplift macam dapat boyfriend baru.

+ + +

gain and lose

gained three kilos before fasting.
shed the three kilos after six days fasting.


+ + +


for this year, wishing best hope to heavens, i want to celebrate Eid with le famillia in penang with all the love, the warmth, the FOOD, the laughing sessions, the breeze of the isle, the new bundle of joy, and mum’s birthday on the third – tak ade baju raya baru pun tak ape… i will gladly wear the kebaya.

funny how things turned out. dad bought me two, and the cloth that aneeza sent to shanny last two weeks became mine because it does not suit her… and everybody said it looked better on moi.


applying this method on prospects… i have to sincerely wished to not have a husband dalam masa terdekat but who knows… along came polly three. haha.

+ + +


huda gave moi a calendar, courtesy from her previous company. when i browsed to october month, the box for the third day has already been highlighted – complete with balloons – to announce her birthday. bosan.

then again, i had my own fun. in the 20th day, i wrote – a star is born.

beat that, darling

+ + +


currently… i choose to be very, very, very low key. i find myself extremely fragile. unless i verified for myself that this place is safe, i would not put myself in the path that i would literally break. as i typed this, i hope that i had literally took it out from myself… i felt so binded with my own curse already.

i am still sooo weak. it’s already half a year… i’m not sure about still being incurable within a year.

+ + +


ever since then, raymee and i had ceased talking like we used to. everything’s okay… not so much a void, but i did felt like, heyi stopped talking to this guy already. of course he’s fine with everything… he still gives me kisses, blowing it away as he drived passed me last sunday at skool.

such a shoulder to lean on… :-).

+ + +


from the most unlikely source, you found some comfort talking to someone who treats you like you are the only person he cares for… though without string attached.

no, it’s not what you think.

+ + +


at times i would experience acute anxiety to the point i wouldn’t even want to get out of bed. i felt comfortable there sleeping after sahur, then layla would ring around ten or eleven in the morning and it would be one of the girls asking what’s the plan for today, then i will call a girlfriend and poured my heart out and the only thing i wanted to do next is to sleep again until berbuka.

it was that scary… the thought of going through things alone. sometimes i enjoy being single, sometimes i got those panic anxiety attacks. what is wrong with me………

i noticed that when things get too monotonous, an opportunity striked and i took it and got myself into misadventures… what it is trying to tell me, i am not so sure either since i wouldn’t know if my interpretations are accurate or not, nor am i enjoying those misadventures… i feel somewhat trapped. the point is, at those unstable times, my jumpiness is wayyy better to go through rather than the depression of being alone. once the storm is over, i will get a rainbow and the real thing dawns upon me again that the alternative is better than having so-called significant other who would dictates what i have/need/must do.

faham ke… merapu pukul tiga pagi ni.

just for references… i have not been updating my blog and i don’t want to forget certain things… i want it to be written here so i know what the hell did i do and who always loves me when i thought i am sooo — one of those days…

The Usual Suspects

Last Saturday was my aunt’s birthday which was held at some club in Ampang. We also celebrated her son’s birthday, and her son’s daughter’s birthday. Najwa reminded Mum not to get a 3-in-1 present.

The difference it makes when I, after a century, used conditioner on my hair. Sooo much difference.

The food was nice, and that nasi ambang was fabulous. I love the kerabu. And the teh tarik… omigosh! Luxuriously creamy and sinful! If I hadn’t exercised self-control, I may have cellulites up to my neck – eew!


When I arrived for class, I saw the slim Nescafe (Original) tin on Yaya’s desk. I told myself, I’m gonna find some coffee during lunch. Fahimi came over to fetch Roha, and I had McD with them. Like wifey, like hubby – Fahimi is seriously thinking of starting a blog. His cousin is still desirable.

I have also not realized how Japanese I have become. As it is common for me to say oui instead of yes, Frenching the r in every word with it — I am now saying sodeska? to expressed my surprise [read: negligence] towards certain assignments.

Rafiq didn’t attend the first seminar so he missed my press conference. Rafiq is a graphic designer, and I thought he would be exempted from the Graphic and Layout class but he was still there anyway. He is the saviour to us all un-graphic-softwares enthusiasts.

So the conversation started:
Moi: Rafiq, kau on-call untuk aku tau.
Rafiq: Okey, sejam=dua ringgit. Eh… kau kan ade laki kau?
Moi: Not anymore.

And then Rafiq got sooo… inquisitive. He didn’t asked what happened – he asked when did it happened, and he got so helpful to find me prospects, he’s listing names of graphic designers he knew. Interesting. Mental note to self, get closer with Rafiq –  we hardly clicked anyway – as Eda pointed out, she is the only friend I’ve got… siottt – and he’s actually just very nice. He’s younger a year (I think) than moi but this is not a turned off lately since I am embracing the idea of (not so) older woman with a few years (less than five) younger partner. Like Christian Bale and Sibi Blazic.

On the fourth class, I saw another slim Nescafe (Latte) tin on Raymee’s desk. It was intriguing as the design is different that I thought it’s a new flavour – McD also got this new burger Big N Tasty, sedap ke? – and I realized I did not caffeine-fixed myself. Must get coffee.

Later in the evening, the usual suspects couldn’t make it for the ritual gathering since Raymee is feeling feverish, Shahril had to go straight back because his wife nags him for arriving home late – he lives in Manjung. At a glance Raymee looked like Ari Gold with the wide forehead, and he asked who is that, and Rafiq told him that’s one of those Entourage characters. Right on… Rafiq stated that it’s his favourite show. So it’s the other group of usual suspects at the gathering, Eda, Yaya, Rafiq, Aby and her husband… Abang Wan showed up later with – Shahril. Shahril just couldn’t disinvite himself when it’s Abang Wan calling for his presence. And I forgot about my caffeine fix since I was still wishing for that yesterday’s luxuriously creamy teh tarik – which I ordered – and thank God it came out right, puas hati lea I had a good drink.

We briefly talked about singledom and Rafiq made this conclusion on moi –
Rafiq: Aku rasa… mungkin golongan graphic designer tak sesuai untuk kau.
Moi: Ye lahhh, graphic designers are all emotional.

And I did not know Aby’s husband is a graphic designer when I meant the statement to teased Rafiq. It was hilarious when Aby consolled her husband – and that was the first time I ever met her husband pulak tu. Fabulous.

I asked Rafiq why wouldn’t he give me a shot so I could make out a checklist on graphic designers. What he answered was –
“Nahhh, market aku belum bukak lagi. Bila aku dah 28, 29 nanti.”

Hmm… it was previously discussed with – sape ntah, but one my many usual suspects – the ideal age for a guy to get married is 28-30 and the ideal age for a girl to get married is 24-26. If so, it means that my market is already opened. Still… being that I am appreciating this singledom, there’s much more to learn on being on your own, weeding out the non-committals, and battling out all those negativities, insecurities and common misconceptions.

As in Weewit’s words –
“It happens all the time.”


When I read this entry again, I didn’t like the sound of me. Where the hell did cynical go?

+ + +

BoPE-Based on personal experience
From Carrie Bradshaw’s train of thoughts after the ballgame.

Break-Up Rule no. 1
Destroy all pictures where he looks sexy and you look happy.
BoPE: Basically, sterilized everything. Your laptop, your photographs case, your displayed photo frames, your couple’s journal, your handphone, your blog, your social networking homepages, your organizer, your jewellery box – in that order. Double check between your Harry Potter books, CD case, in your car, in your so many Birkins, in your closet, or at your girlfriend’s house if necessary.
Other people’s blogs/ social networking homepages – upon the blog’s/homepage’s owner kind consideration.

Break-Up Rule no. 2
BoPE: Moi? Lie?

Break-Up Rule no. 3
Until emotionally stabilized… enter no stores.
BoPE: True. Ve……… ry true.

Break-Up Rule no. 4
Never stop thinking about him, even for a moment… because that’s the moment he’ll appear.
BoPE: Even if you did, and he appears, make sure that the least you could do is put on a poker face. Don’t sulk. Ever. EVER!!!!!!! oogle or hide and peeked to look at him with his new girlfriend. Just stop looking and stare at an item as if you have an interest on it… as long as the thing’s colourful, okay. No point staring at something dull.

No matter who broke your heart or how long it takes to heal, you’ll never get through it without your friends.
BoPE: Nuff said. Just surround yourself with lots and lots of them. Screw the person who stopped loving you – your Mum will never do that. So’s your girlfriends, and the guyfriends… they turned out to be the best of gentlemen that could at least give you hope that there are decent guys out there. So screw him.

And also, there will come a time that you loathed listening to songs about break ups. It is for me. I don’t know why I keep wanting to listen to helloiloveyou kind of songs and just immersed in it. Especially songs from my new boyfriend, Jason.


+ + +

J, thank you… :-), I take your comment as a compliment. Then again, I am admitting that I am hopeless at suggesting on how to be fashionable, because… I am still very much hopeless.

I would say that I envy those whose significant other accepts them just the way they are without niptucking here and there on how they should look. It is not just you, but he is also comfortable of you being in your own style… get it? This is sincerely how I feel on the way you look. The point is, you achieved confidence and able to be insecure-free.

I’m sure there are better advices than mine… ;-).

+ + +

A new Birkin has arrived. Please kindly be reminded of Break-Up Rule no. 3.

Lately I have been investing on very big bags. I find that the small ones are not enough to accomodate to my need – and I am no make up gal at that.

There will be…
The Purse
The Cellphone
The Camera
The MP3 Player
The Lotion (smallest pot)
The Lip Balm (two, the one you splurge and the other that you steal. Either way, Mentholatum’s Water Cool literally waters my pout that I could fake it).
The Loreal Hydrafresh Gel
The Compact Mirror
The Car Keys
The House Keys
The Kleenex
The Axe Oil (for aromatherapy)
The Actifast (for migraine)
The Ezede (for sinus)
The Pepper Spray
The Lipsticksssss (I just have to bring all although I hardly wear)
The Lip Glosssss (as above)
The Lipstick Case (vanity-feel reasons)

However, the latest (I think) from Vogue is the baby bags – all the rage – that delivers a message as well:
“My driver is waiting outside.”

Which to some of you, the driver is also the photographer, the lover, the boyfriend.

+ + +

When you don’t settle for less… or when you just couldn’t settle for less. Which?

This is far-fetched, but I like the stories Jason Mraz put in his songs so much that I wish – yup, truly wishing the wishful thinking – to be courted by someone like that lah. Amusing.

Okay, pointers:

You scored 30% Carrie

Your answers peg you as a Carrie-type, much influenced by the Air Sign qualities associated with Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Like confident Carrie, a sex columnist, you’re curious and perceptive, always seeking answers and never satisfied with the superficial. An Air Sign influence can lead to indecision and an avoidance of tough issues, like with Carrie and her on-again, off-again attachment to Mr. Big. Forward-thinking, incredibly intelligent and witty, you just exude quirky charm. You’d be utterly bored by someone who’s just a pretty face or hot body — though you don’t mind looking and flirting! You’re more turned on by an equally smart and funny mate, someone who challenges your mind and makes you laugh. You love to talk, so you need a good listener who’s open to playful and eccentric ideas about love and lovemaking.

The latest craze is If It Kills Me. I like to say oops! after the line … we get along much better than you and your boyfriend. This song makes me smile. A lot. I find him singing it super adorable. He has that natural gift to be ultra-adorable, which I supposed most guys hate.

+ + +

I miss Anthony Bourdain.

+ + +

Heels always works with jeans. I love heels with white top and blue jeans. Especially black heels. Make it black pumps.

I’m not feeling that advice. Don’t listen to me just yet, Jas!

+ + +

Really hard to practice self-discipline on myself. I keep giving excuses, don’t exert yourself – or as to M, don’t exert yourself, darling… haihhh gatal terlalu gatal. skip this – your body is weak, tired… no use doing those assignments.

Now I feel like it’s up my ass – isn’t this the common expression? All those assignments! Ohmigod! We had a three weeks interval and now I am only left with three days! What the hell had happened?!

One of my lady-cousin and her sister-in-law, with four and three kids respectively, scored 3.8 and 3.9 – same study mode, ePJJ. To which WeeWit and I concluded that, “nampaknya kita kena settle down dulu, kan?” and to which Mum rolled her eyes.

I thought I want to be like Hermione Granger. Like Carrie Bradshaw. Like Samantha Jones. Like Shuji Okishima. Like Kuryu Kohei. But if I want to be like them, I have to do the works now. They had to go through all these things-that-I-hate-but-I-guess-they-didn’t as well. Just work it, you know the bigger prize is waiting. Delay gratification is a sign of maturity.


Limited shut eyes, caffeinate yourself.

Urgh… sloth. One of the seven deadly sins.

+ + +

Yesterday, out of insane boredom, I put on the new kebayas and the kurung moden, walked around the house with the open toe black pumps. Mum let me entertained myself.

I stared at the mirror wondering what I can do to my hair for JueJue’s akad. But here’s the point of having this hair, you don’t have to do anything. No need ribbons, headbands, hairclips, barrettes, et cetera. Just gloss it and you’re Anna Wintour – think power, the money, the car, the bajuuuuus.

+ + +

I hate this part so much that I delete it.

Forget what I said.

Bla Bla Bla

How blissful it was that Moeli sleeps at my foot. She is not easy to lure unless you have food in your hand. How blissful it was to sleep under the covers while the rain keeps pouring down during the morning hours. How blissful it was to find Monti sleeping under the table, Luesi was… somewhere nearer, tak ingat mana where was her position, Kenya was on the table, Sophie was on the teevee (memang Bucky’s bride) and there was Todd… the pale brown bundle on the armchair. He is also not always around but lately he’s always home.

And being serenaded with Jason Mraz’s A Beautiful Mess. Sooo nice.

+ + +

Where the hell is my card reader?

+ + +

Anysz: Ade pujian untuk kau dari Farizz. One day, kau dan Aneeza (sibuk lea ade nama Aneeza nihhh in the same sentence, ;-p), akan jadi the successful and bitchy boss.

Insya Allah… and that 50-foot yacht christined Vesper IV.

+ + +

The New List

1 set of cloth: RM 50
Fitted with lining kebaya batik: RM 150
1 120GB external hard drive w/casing: RM 230
1 wedding present (Juejue’s)
1 Golla backpack: RM 240
Vesper’s IC: RM 10
Vesper’s Insurance: RM 950
Vesper’s Checkup: RM 150
Skool Fee: RM 1,696
Maxis: RM 600

Total: RM 4,176.00
Fund: RM 0.00
Solution: RM 2,430 to go

+ + +

Anysz: Zaki kirim salam kat kau, dia cakap, “Abang tak balik malam ni.”

+ + +

Zaki: Aku nampak kau kat Sek 14 hari tu, tengah layan customer.

+ + +

Self teaching myself Japanese watching Beautiful Life. Also self teaching myself how to mengorat someone who is 24/7 busy. Never a more opportunistic time, haha!

+ + +

M, I DO NOT want an older brother. I do not want a boyfriend.

+ + +

Anysz: Next, create the sexual tension in him.

+ + +

I like the line, taking a guess when the only answer is yes.

+ + +

I miss Roha, a lot. Memang aku ni sangat manja with her.

+ + +

For someone like Huda, aku terasa betul kesenyapan keadaan walaupun the environment around us is superbusy. The least lea, mesti ade a sexy and husky-voice lesbian calling aku kat office. Kau lea tu, Huda, hahahaha.

+ + +

Skool: Discuss proposal, belajar InDesign, participate in forum, buat assignment, more reading for assignment, reading up for quizzes, do online exercises.

I want a Firebolt. Or the access to the prefect’s bathroom.

+ + +

Sudah benci berambut pendek, rasa tak professional at work with this cutting a la china doll. Tak reti maintain or improvise – yet. Kena belajar, maka kena lebih melabur.

Roha: Takde duit pun, buat-buat macam ada duit.

+ + +

Teringin nak pegi Euphoria.

+ + +

Next time karaoke, aku nak nyanyi lagu Lucky. Aku dah choreograph myself. Haha.

+ + +

Anysz: Kau sudah naik satu level, lagi, Suessy.

+ + +

Truthfully, I am still scared. Terlalu cautious sampai tergelincir. When you’re in front of me, I tend to screw up.

But when you’re not around, dang, I think of you every passing minute. If you’d appear then and there and ask the question, I would say yes.

But then, I am still scared…

Think when I am a girlfriend again, I will not be scared anymore. Kot.

Sing to me A Beautiful Mess. After you presented me a bouquet of lilies.


Hormone Overload

Skool started officially yesterday. I got home from the wedding actually already half sleeping but since the outing and its ending left me euphoric, it held me up quite awhile that I actually took a bath, wash my hair and my face since the eyeliners are making me look like Jack Sparrow’s wife.

The sleep was un-peaceful not because the mind is still working around the letter M but I had this monstrous ache on my shoulders, my elbows, my arms, and my hands. I have no inkling what had caused this pain. I don’t remember lifting any superheavy stuffs at all, even finding Shanny’s house did not even break my sweat (which is a huge breakthrough since I have no sense of direction, I have never been to her house, and not even Roha is able to give me directions since there is no significant landmark to Shanny’s house). Maybe it’s because I’ve been moving the laptop here and there for Mum’s convenience since she had migraine in the morning and I was attending to her when she finally got up for lunch so that she can watch Beautiful Life at anywhere she’s comfortable? I don’t think so. I walked three kilometres while carrying a 10kg bag of rice – that’s obviously even heavier, right?

The pain was so strong, I got up around 3 am to smeared Counterpain all over my arms. There was also a throbbing headache on the left side and I’m feeling already icky at the prospect of getting up another four hours to go to school without having so much decided what to wear and packed up the stationeries. So much for a very ambitious start to the second year.

7 am finally came around and the pain subsided, had a shower and picked up a pale pink top which I hardly wear (which I would eventually may start wearing often since it compliments the gams to appear longer ;-p), put one of the many empty notebooks into Birkin, my pencilbox, Trent, Travis the Second to showed it off to Raymee, Layla, my ciggies (Mentos) and moneyyy.

Breakfast was a sip of just made tea, I packed the French toast Mum made and got into Vesper and filled her up a bit and the drive to skool it is. I was in the mood to listened to Ungu’s Tercipta Untukku, and again, I’m enjoying this despite the effects of last night and without anyone in my mind like how I just used to associate a song with someone someone. The drive was peaceful since the stretch hardly had any cars, I totally enjoyed it.

Arrived at skool and the carpark was almost full. Okay, I am actually late by normal standard. Thank God there’s still a parking lot for moi, texted the classmates asking where the class is (even the already printed timetable is nowhere to be found), and informed the others who’s still on the way (normal practice).

The first class was writing for PR and already this is feeling like Transfiguration. The lecturer already assigned us with four assignments and there would be more in the online forum and exercises are semi-compulsory since frequent practices will make you perfect. Three written assignments and a media kit to produce. The lecturer keep saying about submitting these papers on 3rd of August. I was like, 3rd of August? Why not until the second seminar? Then only I had this quuueasy feeling when I looked into Eda’s printed timetable and yup, second seminar: 3-Aug-08. I had a silent howl but visible to the girls to ask why because that is the date of Juejue’s wedding. Besides the fact it is my best friend’s wedding that I am trying to patch up with (since she is the one I took for granted the most), I have just sent the kebaya to Shanny yesterday and invited M with moi and all of a sudden I have a second seminar besides the fact of that four assignments?!!!

The second class was Psychology and the lecturer is someone like Puan Nora that we had in our first semester. She was so funny, animatic, and jovial. One quarter of the class was dedicated to transsexuality and you know how very terminologically-correct they can be. Raymee’s laugh rang throughout the class, he’s enjoying it. The lecturer shared a story that a someone he that she knew is developing breasts similar to a woman’s that her wife even lend her bras to him. The guy went to see the doctor and the doctor concluded, “You mesti selalu makan tengkuk ayam!” Turned out that they always injected the chicken’s weight-gainers through the chicken’s vein in the neck – so yeah, there’s a warning for you. Haha, there’s a an on-going joke in the making. Aby the pregger finished my French toast since she’s whining that she’s hungry and finished my Mentos as well. Although it was all that, I couldn’t help myself in very low frequency membebel frantically about not being able to attend to the wedding, that I just sent the kebaya yesterday, and that I couldn’t go with M!!! Thank God I will be seeing Roha for lunch.

Lunch was at McD and I spilled all the details about last night with her and she swapped it for her first birthday as husband and wife, and the wedding photo shoot yesterday at Orchid Garden. I should say, Iris’ favourite photographer was there as pointed by Roha, he must be back from Langkawi already, and since Roha looked like an Arab bride in the midst of other Chinese brides at the garden, the tourists got excited and even they took pictures with her.

Then it was back to skool – again, parking was sucksss but we managed to find one though we had to walked a bit since it is at the other end of the building next to our school. The third class already started and to find a seating spot is also like finding a parking since we’re sharing the lab with some of the the “we-are-exempted-from-certain-subjects-and-we-got-3.76-last-semester” part two students who are terribly insecured. This is Graphic and Layout class and we are to learn how to use the darn software Adobe InDesign CS2 (five assignments for this – berapa, Designer Terulung, RM2K apiece?). Yeah, for some of you it’s just a walk through the park but the point is I got no patience for this and I just don’t compute well with its toolbar. Dah lea mengantuk to the tahap meragam what with me still deciding to cut class or not on the second seminar, the prospect with M, the patching up with Juejue. Eda was super-hyper in the class, eating her McD burger nonchalantly and explicitly cursed as her paper clip flew off her stacks of notes enough for some to overheard it, haha, gile hyper kau, babe… she drew some curves as instructed by the lecturer but Abang Wan was quick to commented, “ni nampak macam kesan tengkuk ayam in the making…” and Raymee barked with laughters at the sight of it. Whatever, I should be getting an A for this… on. my. own.

Oh okay, this is something stupid. Really stupid. Really, really stupid. Seriously, it is:
A girl I never like right from the minute she opened her mouth (which was a year ago) – and hello, she thinks she’s better than moi to which I corrected to the classmates, I am better than her – dropped by the class to meet two of my classmates. When she’s done saying what she has to say to them, she poked her head from the door, which I thought she was going to say thank you to the lecturer. The lecturer, who is a he, was bending down to the other side of the table to assist a student on how to use the software in the middle of the class. The class was separa-bising with the students trying out the software themselves and the girl said this in the owh-I’m-alluring tone softly but loud enough for the class to hear, “‘ncik ******, ‘ncik ******… jangan lea tonggeng, I geram…”

Here’s WTF for –
1. He’s a lecturer.
2. She’s a student
3. She’s married
4. She’s somebody’s wife
5. She’s a year younger than moi if you must know and I think the lecturer is in his late 20s or early 30s.
Do I really have to point out where’s her sense of respect to herself?

Roha: I hate dat tepung gomak gal.

Finally, the last class. Business and Professional Communication, I should think. Not much to talk about. Oh, ada to talk about! Finally Raymee talked to me because we were sitting far apart in the first two classes (dia lambat) and the first thing he said was, “Did you lose weight?” Ahahaha merci, merci, merci, darling! Sukasukasuka! See, this is why I love him so much.

In conclusion, I had to give in that there’s too many assignments, quizzes, and practical tutorials that you-couldn’t-afford-to-miss what more the lecturers want MC if you’re absent (usually tak, the previous lecturers relax je…). This particular semester is going to be a gruelling one. Already the classmates have been explained why I flunked that one paper – sedang melalui proses penceraian – they are supersupportive as always and I am not going through it again. I did had to make a mini press conference anyways to brief them on what had happened that it got me into a penceraian.

Yaya: Cantik ke dia?
Moi: Don’t bother. I know I’m wayyy prettier and better than her in so many ways.
Responses from the crowd especially Raymee: Hyena laughters. Just the same kind of amused response when Raymee told us that the stupid girl (mentioned above) thinks that she’s better than moi and I was berkerasan pointed out, “No, no, no, aku memang better than her.”

We had drinks afterward since the class finished early. There’s the talk about the classes, how to help around, me always the translator, camwhoring with the new Travis, Raymee showing off his external hard disk, thinking whether we want to order the viagra juice for Raymee (he was the last one to joined us), what that girl said for the class to hear, the part two students, our new co-ordinator, that this semester all our lady lecturers are hot – one has nose piercing and two piercings on each ear and Raymee is considering her for sugarmummy, the other is like an Arab which I commented someone like Ustazah Fatimah Az-Zahra and Raymee marvelled that I must have received hidayah since bercerai, and the other lecturer is blonde and demuring which Abang Wan maybe considering for second wife (kidding!).

The brief gathering was so much fun – and easy on the eye for me, there were lots of eyecandies – laughing like hyenas what with the simple but right-on-your-face buttjokes from the married men. I totally appreciated it when Raymee commented, “Dah lama aku tak gelak macam ni… the last four months asyik handle training je, diorang nak buat lawak dengan aku pun tersekat-sekat.”

I love skool.


Buat masa ini, semua yang dilistedkan dalam watchlist bertukar group kepada waitlist. Haha, the tables are turned.

Last Preparations
Masih mencari orang untuk buatkan french bun, dan hendak menyinggah ke rumah tailor tengok baju bridesmaid dah siap ke belum.

Kandi and Kyle
Sepasang kura-kura kepunyaan Najwa yang sedang di-babysitkan sementara she went to Terengganu for her autocad course or whatever. Kandi (formerly known as Kuntum) adalah betina, Kyle adalah yang jantan. Kandi lebih besar daripada Kyle, dan sesungguhnya aku kurang berkenan bila the male is lesser than the female dalam sesetengah perkara yang too obvious. Took a picture of the two in a compromising position that the first thing Pharhunt said was, “Mereka sedang berzina.”

Skool about to start. Next month. Sebab kena repeat subject, langsung kena attend classes dua kali sebulan. Kalau tak sebulan sekali je. Kan best. Banyaaaakkk masa nak delay assignment.

Tak Tau
Tak tahu dan nak kena tanya arwah? Tidak lagi. Bukan sebab aku tak sanggup nak tanyakan arwah tentang sesuatu perkara yang selama ni dia hebat (trivial stuffs only), tapi ada the desire that, pegi mampos, aku boleh cari sendiri.


I am seeing opportunities. Dan saya tahu bottomline, an opportunity offered is a 50/50 chances whether I might get it or not based on the circumstances and rezeki. Tak kisah kalau nak share the ideas and the beautiful pictures of what is to come, in my mind I keep it intact that, benda tak dapat lagi, I know where to draw the line.
Then again, thank you for thinking of moi!

New Kitz
For now, tak akan ambil lagi kucing baru. The kitz of the household are too strong in personality, even towards each other. Kucing tu dah tak ade, Nazz. I gave it to my 24-hour friend, Syed. Bila all my kitz dah expired, I will consider buying a Ragdoll, or a Maine Coon, or a Siberian. Itu pun aku kena install air-conditioner lah dulu di rumah ku.