it’s a very busy schedule for S daily even though she looks like she is not doing anything at all.

then again, ‘busy’ is an understatement. more to hectic.

in work, in personal life, in family and last but never the least — in cats.

are things beginning to prosper?
one can never tell — not even yours truly.

rumour has it S is in a relationship. but where art thou is the beau?

you really have to be careful of what you wish for. you want a husband, you will get it, along with other things that you do not want that comes with this package called ‘husband’. in a way, i find that my life has not changed 360 degrees, not even a full ten degrees to begin with. it’s not even a matter of too-early-to-say when things have been fast forwarded already, but it does remained to be materialized.

well… good luck, S.

wedding plans

i could not compromised on this one. i must have daniel zain. and because of him, yes, i would plan my wedding around his schedule.

he takes the pictures just like any other shots in anybody’s camera — only he executes it better, of course. there’s no pretentious. it’s exactly like his third word — you.

and so i must have him.

p/s: daniel, nak banyak gambar comolot tau.

+ + +


pelamin, pelamin, pelamin.

flower jungle? ohhh, i don’t know.

flowers — maybe those japanese orchids. it reminds me of casperoha. i don’t think i want lilies now, their scent is overwhelming. ohhh, i don’t know — back to dais, please.

simple? petite? elongating?

i do not want my mother’s haus to turned into Ground Zero. it will be at a hall, or a ballroom, or the masjid.

+ + +

hair. down. hair down. absolutely.

i don’t want to look back at my wedding photos and see that i looked older than while i’m flipping through ten years later.

+ + +

nooo cupcakes.

cupcakes are prohibited.

muffins or doughnuts.

use sugar efficiently, please.

+ + +

the cake.

like stanford’s and anthony’s in SATC 2.

ha ha ha.

+ + +

dancers, silat performers, whatever.

can i have a choir singing queen’s i was born to love you instead?

tapi tu buat sebagai surprise. for me. somebody kena bagitau the groom in advance, please.

+ + +

do i need to get a wedding planner?

perlu ke?

just someone to have the detailed check list, throw me the ideas and asked whether i want to do this or not, what are my other options, bla bla bla.

+ + +

bridesmaid to get balenciaga.

tahun ni memang banyak kali aku revise the list.

ade elimination, ade comeback.

and i won’t necessarily returned the favour.

+ + +

as of right now, i want a simple wedding. tak nak overwhelming.

just a nice one yang mencukupi dan selesa.

is this because i’m getting old — i am feeling old right now — tak ade energy to get crafty and creative and whatever?

+ + +


kena start cari gambar-gambar sopan.

gambar beli barang-barang dapur kat giant. gambar bawak kucing pegi vet. gambar bawakkan beg laptop mama dari parking lot ke office.

nak buat ke slideshow? tak payah lah. aku private lives. very johnny depp kat france. what i have in mind is shots from favourite chic lit movies. something to enlighten, to breathe new sparks, stuffs like that.

okey, itu slideshow. ini video.

i’ll keep it in the mental storage for now.

just for the heck of lipsticks and such

it’s been awhile i’ve blogged something like this, i want to know how different is the feeling of the aftermath.

am i really officially colder?

oh yea, before we start, there are two things i’ve been hearing from people that i find it hard to believe. things i heard from people, about moi, none other yours truly here.

one — that i am getting prettier. okay, there are a few notable people i thanked too, albeit not to their face, because, well, it’s Suessy Suraya Suhaimi. there’s always a plausible reason she’s a frenemy to certain people — but she doesn’t bite the hands who fed her. rather, they found a new pet, or, treated her like a runner for their errands.


back to imgettingprettier. previously she have heard of people raving about her bestie whose beauty graph chart increased each moment. a person who just gets prettier and prettier. amazing. i could never live up to that.

but apparently, as we speak, people commented that i am. despite still being dentally challenged.

thank you.

second — get this: i lost weight. lost? seriously? especially after the fasting month. seriously? i still feel bloated, huge and wide. but they say i sooo am.

if that is true, then, OhMG, i must’ve been way bigger and huge-r than now.

nevertheless, thank you.

now back to business.

+ in the voice of a la Gossip Girl +

it takes more than simply being nineteen days ahead to invite a waldorf to your party, especially after what you did to a waldorf. don’t take it for granted that you were once close to her, and then she walked away. for plausible reasons. not that you have done anything to proved otherwise anyway.

despite being alone and trapped in her own depression state of mind and losing a handful of bridesmaids, S is very well booked off throughout the year. to the point she hated for what she was booked for.

a whirlwind of romances and flings and assholisms as the new cult one should always avoid, S is currently seen frolicking around between music notes and leaves of books with a tall, artsy-fartsy companion.

it is unknown though widely speculated but S does not settled with anyone. she is just having a good year. so far.

therefore —

From the Office of Waldorf’s Household and Resident

Dear Ms J.,

Thank you for your kind invitation to Ms Waldorf for your betrothal on November xx, 2010. We have graciously accepted your personal tele-invitation as informed. Ms Waldorf would like to apologize for not recognizing your number on her new Nokia since her last Sony Ericsson went kaput. Nevertheless, Ms Waldorf is very enthusiastic to be the first one invited via personal cellphone call. In addition, please accept our congratulations from the whole household.

However, we regret to inform that Ms Waldorf will not be able to attend your engagement due to prior arrangementsss, or rather, family duties — with benefits of extended holiday to an isle for a beach trip. Ms Waldorf will be leaving the city for Eid-ul Haj precisely on November 16th, 2010 and will be back on November 23rd, 2010. Ms Waldorf will then be attending her cousin’s wedding which is the same date of your engagement, and which has also been previously blocked since May 20th, 2010.

We would like to highlight that Ms Waldorf will also be enjoying quality reading time while away, hence only emergency calls will be accepted. Ms Waldorf can still be reached via her virtual social networks.
Please request for ID/e-mail address if you do not have hers or have been removed from her list.

Ms Waldorf would like to extend her hearty congratulations to you and your partner on the engagement and wishing both luck through this new chapter and the next. She also wished to include her personal words, “may you both live happily here and hereafter”.

Thank you and we hope that you will have a wonderful occasion on your special day.

***Kindly contact Ms Gatsubi at least six months prior to request for Ms Waldorf blocking her schedule to attend your occasion/event. We will be more than glad to re-arrange for you in case the said date may just as well has already been blocked.

Best regards,

Ms Luesi Penguini Victoria
assistant to Ms Moeli Nanae Gatsubi
assistant to Ms Blair Suessylia Waldorf

c.c. miss moeli nanae gatsubis bb

for the heck of it, okay, read that? chill, aku takkan menyemakkan letter box kau atau bersusah payah handwrite this. aku send text terus —

sorry, can’t make it for your engagement. will be in penang til tuesday. thanks for the invite, have a wonderful day!

hm. best jugak getting back to blogging with the required capital letters. nampak cantik.

so, the word of the day is — cantik.

there. habis lunch time aku blogging. it’s been fun revisiting.

sweetie, i am the lethal combination of jackie burkhart and blair waldorf — internally and externally. and, i am ari’s protégé. hence, suessy suraya suhaimi.

you have crossed moi so many times, and managed to come out — alive. give yourself a pat on the back.


oh. and she’s an azubirian.


+ in the voice of a la Gossip Girl +

trouble comes finding S in the form of temptations — isn’t that how it has always started? neither hovering nor contemplating any longer, S has officially became a member of the underworld. life is full of adventures these days. but when you play with fire, things do go down in the blink of an eye. and then you’ll realized, that you’re the one who got burnt the most.

split personality

wedding – the celebrity

i was at affan’s wedding and i was in raptures talking to aneeza about the price of engagement rings the stars have on their very important finger while nanec and boyfie, sala, and izary just arrived and started to have their nasi minyak from the buffet.

“do you know how much is carrie underwood’s engagement ring costs? 850k! nicole richie’s was a quarter mil, khloe kardashian’s half a mil.”

i blame e! channel for disclosing vulgar information such as these.

“their ring is not a deposit for a new house, it’s a total of two very decent two-storey hauses!” i summed up the information smartly.

“what about you? what is your engagement ring criteria?” i can’t remember who asked but i was immediately delighted. hence my response —
“well, if it were me…” i started as if i’m being interviewed, poised and ready with an answer.

“oh my god, she’s like already prepared with an answer, truly… like she’s a celebrity being interviewed,” nanec guffawed.

spot on.

my answer was simple. “i would like the rock to be the size of manhattan.”

truly a new york girl at heart. i never blame plum sykes’ novelpenmanship for teaching me that.

+ + +

luncheon – the socialite

we were at the gardens celebrating bridget’s birthday. we had sushi. i confessed that i am the last malay girl who doesn’t know how to use chopsticks which i admit is pretty embarassing but a girl has got to be different from the rest, no?

so there i was semi-pathetically handling my chopsticks gingerly, the point is to not being sloppy which is just enough and could devoid the humiliation of icky looks and stares from the rest of the posh patrons including my work colleagues. i could never face them the next day.

“are you okay with the chopsticks? would you like fork and spoon for that okonomiyaki?”
“no, no, i’m good. i want to use the chopsticks,” i said confidently, showing my team spirit and that i’m the type to do anything once, twice, thrice, as long as it counts.
“do you actually like japanese food? is it okay that we’re having sushi?”
“of course!” my eyes sparkled with delight. “so much so that i would like to have a japanese boyfriend myself. then he can teach me how to use chopsticks!”

the table laughed. i never see that coming. “oh, you speak like a datin!” melissa commented.

my eyes went wide. i do?

oh my. i never meant to be rude or it’s my-world-everyone’s-just-living-on-it but i take that comment with amusement. perhaps i do have the makes of a datin. oh laaa…

afternoon delight

i’m never gonna answer to you of what’s obvious so shut up and laugh the ass off yourself.

anyways, i find these amusingly hilarious.

honestly, i need a good… long… hard… laugh these days. i’m only hanging out with them who constantly make me orgasmed like that.