ask and tell

Right, whatever you have in mind… drop it here.


88 thoughts on “ask and tell

  1. too many curses. takper… just let go.
    on. 7th of may. i take a day off. let’s meet up and lepak. and makan sampai perut besar and gelak guling2. and curse around. yeah!

  2. Ruang kebebasan bersuara di bawah entri-entri individu adalah (obviously) tidak wujud sama sekali, bebeh… lol. Sorry, babe, whatever you have in your mind, drop it here.

  3. Ya Allah. Sangat sangat ironi. I dont think Ill do it. Not for now.

    BTW, check out my latest blog entry. Let me know what you have to say. I resah. I need advice.

  4. Suesss!!!!!!!!!!!!1 You’re going to a theraphy? like, seriously?!!!!!!

    tolong le dgr ckp anysz sume tu ok?

    ONCE dah lama lah. haha. (read: u outdated nyer) hahaa. saja je nak melawak konon i gempak sgt. haha.

    but yeah, i love the whole album. like the best EVER. hafal most of the songs.loving them all….

  5. roha tu ur fren ker ? i think she is working in the same company with me, BASC (under BASF) kat menara telekom. baru masuk rasanyer. dah nak kahwin rupanyer ? huhuhuhu.

  6. I am lying back
    in the middle of the tropical forest
    Looking at the stars
    I saw the brightest one
    I named it Suessy Tanjung….

    I am lying back
    Looking at the flowers
    I saw a bigg one
    I named it Ruffleysia…

    I am lying back
    Looking at the other flowers
    bautiful, smells good, but thorny
    I named it Mawar Berduri..

    And I am Orkid Liar (Wild Orchird)

  7. read the entry. yeah, really hope we have a pic of us so that u can post it there. =)

    thanks for the words. really mean a lot to me.

    (A WONDERFUL DATE? with whom?!!! update pls. thanks)

  8. read the complicated entry. huhu.

    so damn agree on those who write BM that way. ya Allah. berapa tahun pompuan tu? tolong arrrrrrrrr!!!!

    know piyu personallly? like duh! ada ke?!kalau i kat indon, i might know him personally.

    sapa tak suka lelaki pakai baju melayu? cair cair cairrrrrrr…..

  9. kao patut besaukan lagik page kao macam dulu2. senang nak pilih mane nak di bace. nway, aku suke kao bebel2. keep it up!

  10. dearest dania,

    i wouldn’t know. because i sincerely felt that i was the one who fell down real hard. and that someone took someone who means the world to me away. i had to learn to get up with so much pain and learn to let go with so much resentment.

    i never thought i am able to menyebabkan seseorg tu jatuh and rampas semuanye. i have no idea.

  11. um..i.m not saying that it’s u..i’m just want ur opinion..
    i suka baca blog that’s why i tnya ur opinion..sorry if my question agak rude..

  12. hello d,

    your question did took me by surprise. thank god i had the notion u might just be asking for an opinion and i wasn’t rude to you… was i? if i were, i truly apologized.
    thank u so much for dropping by and liking my blog… i’m really honoured, ;-).

  13. i bru baca u punya blog about humour me n i think u fall in love wif someone yang u taknak rite?like ur bestfriend?is it?

  14. nazzz, it’s sooo nice to hear from you *kiss*!

    anyways, you agree with moi or with farhan… surely, moi right… haihhh —

    “if he is that hot, haruslah multiple climax and lengthy lovemaking.”

  15. just texted u awhile ago, quoting charlotte york of SATC —

    “i’ve been dating since i was fifteen. where IS HE?”

  16. dira, fill me in, what is “taihen desuuu” neh? i was able to confirmed from your blog to pronounce “gomenne” — ahh, lega ade kawan yang mmg SME on everything jap (^-^)!

    dira-kun mau comment entry mana?

    oh, also, sila beri tunjuk ajar on when do you use “-chan” and “-kun” at the end of someone’s name? i only knew that tha japanese say it with “-san” at the end of your name as respect. thoughts?

  17. suessy..

    taihen desu means susah lah!!

    slalunye kan..chan is for lil children atau girls/ladies yg rasa mcm manje2 gitu..

    kun untuk guys..

    chan dan kun untuk first i boleh panggil u suessy chan!!

    san pula untuk encik atau cik tapi digunakan untuk surname/family name..Contoh terdekat kalu aktor kacak takuya kimura yg berlakon dlm drama good luck tu.. kita boleh panggil dia takuya kun atau pun kimura san!

    i malay kan, so i sendiri pun ntah betul ke tidak jawab ni dr segi pemerhatian i keje kat kino lah!! kalu slaah jgn marah k!!

  18. thank you dira-chan!
    heh… okayyy, i will think about meng-un-allowed comment for each entry in future…
    will give seeerious thoughts to it, ;-).


    don’t worry about being wrong… it’s either —
    a) i will eventually learn japanese accordingly
    b) i will marry a takuya lookalike that is of japanese descendant and we will have a family that speaks three languages
    c) i will marry someone who speaks japanese and is more than willing to teach me
    d) i will berhenti mengarut

    haha, whichever comes first ;-p!

  19. i waited hours because connection giler and the cyberuniverse is giler i could not accordingly-by-procedure-rules-and-regulations-and-verification comment on your entry.


  20. *rofl*!
    cesss ko nihhh dira-chan!
    *macam hint2 suruh tukar gambar je… tee hee hee!*

    ummm, kena ade gravatar wordress kot?
    saya pun nggak pasti nehhh…

  21. the guys of the past… heh.
    now i’m working, terus ade assignment. closing in to the company’s 20th anni — we got dpm attending.

    i’m trying hard to update… really!
    would love talking to ya, ;-).
    drop me a line, if anything. but sorry lea now i’m fucking broke… my 012 dah barred — like shaittt!

  22. betapa banyak kali pun u tulis pasal spotted tu, i tak boleh nak relate. not a fan lah suessy. i suka chuck je, tapi not a fan. ntahlah. hahaha.

    i lama dah obses lagu tu. lirik memang terkesan. seryes!! u know kan dia remake lagu tu from erykah badu n the roots?

  23. on “spotted” —
    don’t worry your little head, darling.
    layankan saja.
    heh heh.

    on the “obses lagu” —
    kau yang punya atau fidelity?
    if the former, you’d be surprised who dedicated it to moi.
    or maybe not.

  24. MM? try to read the comments of his Lagu Hari Ini 12 entry — i’m receiving (as anticipated) immense blasts from his loyals for just pointing out (amusingly at that) the fact that he listens to a commercial band despite his i-sooo-have-divine-taste-in-music-and-most-of-them-are-rare-ish-none-of-you-kids-would-know-how-to-appreciate-them whatever.

    yup. T dedicated it.

    wehhh, your project ten is getting the rave from your friends and fans. i’m suffering from female jelousy with all your talent and the attention you’re getting, ;-p.
    have fun at it, though.
    live it!

  25. HAHAHAAHAHAHHAHAAHHAHAHA. Dah baca! Sangat!!! Sangat terkena gitu. Tapi ada org komen tambah ckp apa ntah. Alah, MM bukan jenis yg terasa… dia kan mcm hati besi.

    You & T ni apa ni? getting bak together?

    hahaa. tak perlulah jeles. im just bored.

  26. hati besi?
    doubt it.
    after all one has gone through, heart easily gets weaker.
    what more when there’s someone — a stranger at that — can see you through.

    having an iron heart only applies on women — like queen elizabeth tudor.
    even hitler has a wife.

    T and i are not getting back together.

    never mind the jealousy… hehe, ;-).

  27. wah. takutnya. mau cakap tentang apa?
    i kena grounded. at 26.

    2-august, 10.45am, starbucks sec 9?

    password sent to your email.

  28. sejujurnya terus confuse dgn entry tersebut. yg faham terus dgn immediate nya bila baca ayat kita berpisah dan terus berpisah dan kem bali segala kembali entah apa apa ntah si malique nak cakap kan? hahahaha.

    oi. snagat detail. insyaAllah. ill update u pasal jumpa tu. takut ada hal ke apa ke hal ke.

    “dehel” tu suka sgt,.

  29. aku pun confuse dgn entry sendiri.
    itu yang terbaik dari otak yg dh mengantok nak mampos
    tp hati menjerit-jerit mahu disampaikan cerita ini.

    entri itu tentang dua lelaki berbeza warna kulit — omg, dehelll?

    same here bout our meeting up… if i cn do it any sooner, or if have to push it a bit later, will update u.
    else, feel free to crash my house. tomorrow cannot, i would b at taiping k. daytrip.

    else, just ringringring me. heh.

  30. hye babe,
    sorry sesangat lambat to reply you, sorry eh!

    yesss, would looove to berbuka puasa w you, saya sangat berbesar hati anda menjemput — makan subway eh, makan subway eh? kalau kau dah nak muntohhh dengan subway aku tak kira aku nak jugak… saya terliur dengan gambar-gambar kamu melantak kepingan daging dan sayur antara dua keping roti itu, ;-p — tapi kan, yes, here comes the but, im very much terikat with the cookies order… pulun habis dgn mum every night until one or two a.m.

    boleh tak nanti kita buka puasa and i bagi you sekali the cookies? please let me know bila you nak balik johor yea? if you have other suggestion, pls let me know… mintak maaf tak dapat berbuka sama dalam masa terdekat, really can’t afford.

  31. haha. no hal lah. i pun bukan nak ajak buka puasa hari ni ke besok ke. just maybe we could squeeze sometime nak buka puasa before i go back to jb on the 18th. yes, subway is super fine. rabu especially. cuz i want the sandwich of the day. meetball marinara. nyumnyum

  32. pasal suh kawen tu i like the last word yg u letak comma, and then wrote, gila. serius cool. dan sgt mcm i boleh bayang muka u when u have that “gila” reaction u know…

  33. kan seronok kalau zarko boyfriend saya…

    u wrote this one sentence as the first sentence. fikir panjang sket kakak, the first sentence always the truest one. i tolong aminkan je.

  34. eh eh ye ke
    i thought the last sentence is the truestest one?

    tolong aminkan ini also —
    a husband for suessy suraya suhaimi yang sehot ichikawa ebizo xi
    kaya raya harta halal dunia dan akhirat
    sayangkan aku sorang dan semua yang aku sayangi
    layankan everything dan sangat gentle with moi
    dermawan very the generous
    selamat dan sejahtera i dunia dan akhirat
    skillful in kissing, cooking, interior designing, landscaping and lovemaking
    passionate photographer itu harus
    suka kucing, makan durian dan ikan patin ~ a total foodie darling!

    see, i tak mintak pun dia itu harus seorang yang perfect ~ haha!


  35. dah lama tak datang sini sebenarnya. walau takder lah dah lama sgt kan? but yeah. you wrote down our conversation on jap hunks and a/s/l eh. kelakar. seryes. i laughed out loud again reading them, sbab u even remember the 8 out of 10 fact tu. hahahaha. i did said that right? hahaha. oh yeah.

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