wedding plans

i could not compromised on this one. i must have daniel zain. and because of him, yes, i would plan my wedding around his schedule.

he takes the pictures just like any other shots in anybody’s camera — only he executes it better, of course. there’s no pretentious. it’s exactly like his third word — you.

and so i must have him.

p/s: daniel, nak banyak gambar comolot tau.

+ + +


pelamin, pelamin, pelamin.

flower jungle? ohhh, i don’t know.

flowers — maybe those japanese orchids. it reminds me of casperoha. i don’t think i want lilies now, their scent is overwhelming. ohhh, i don’t know — back to dais, please.

simple? petite? elongating?

i do not want my mother’s haus to turned into Ground Zero. it will be at a hall, or a ballroom, or the masjid.

+ + +

hair. down. hair down. absolutely.

i don’t want to look back at my wedding photos and see that i looked older than while i’m flipping through ten years later.

+ + +

nooo cupcakes.

cupcakes are prohibited.

muffins or doughnuts.

use sugar efficiently, please.

+ + +

the cake.

like stanford’s and anthony’s in SATC 2.

ha ha ha.

+ + +

dancers, silat performers, whatever.

can i have a choir singing queen’s i was born to love you instead?

tapi tu buat sebagai surprise. for me. somebody kena bagitau the groom in advance, please.

+ + +

do i need to get a wedding planner?

perlu ke?

just someone to have the detailed check list, throw me the ideas and asked whether i want to do this or not, what are my other options, bla bla bla.

+ + +

bridesmaid to get balenciaga.

tahun ni memang banyak kali aku revise the list.

ade elimination, ade comeback.

and i won’t necessarily returned the favour.

+ + +

as of right now, i want a simple wedding. tak nak overwhelming.

just a nice one yang mencukupi dan selesa.

is this because i’m getting old — i am feeling old right now — tak ade energy to get crafty and creative and whatever?

+ + +


kena start cari gambar-gambar sopan.

gambar beli barang-barang dapur kat giant. gambar bawak kucing pegi vet. gambar bawakkan beg laptop mama dari parking lot ke office.

nak buat ke slideshow? tak payah lah. aku private lives. very johnny depp kat france. what i have in mind is shots from favourite chic lit movies. something to enlighten, to breathe new sparks, stuffs like that.

okey, itu slideshow. ini video.

i’ll keep it in the mental storage for now.


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