i guess, well, everyone else too, just like moi, have this emptiness they just can’t seem to fill.

+ + +

you see, M, i need you to take me away. to some place like this. and i think we can live domestically happy together. if i am not happy there with you, i don’t know what else could work.

+ + +

again, besides your make up tips, i don’t feel like listening to what you would like to advise moi on why i am still single. based on your track record — it has been horrible and totally unreliable. i appreciate the effort, but you can stop now, really.

giving your twoyearold girl a stapler for her to play with

+ + +

i am really, really, really perplexed that some very lucky women who snapped, shouted, cursed and even kicked their husband in the stomach to wake him up to go to work — have this very patient, gentle and loving man as her husband.

true story.

+ + +

the scene in the movie sepi, where the girl is so traumatized by the haunting memories of how her boyfriend was killed — scream, ran outside, hysterical and slammed into a passing car.

at the time, i felt this utter satisfaction. she was lying there on the street, physically broken on top of her already broken pieces and she opened her eyes, looking into her dead boyfriend’s eyes, also lying there beside her. he smiled and she smiled back.

i really feel like, just take me now, please.


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