i dumped it elsewhere

yesterday was quite a day.
i have (not really) so much to tell, though i was very happy yesterday and then it spiralled downward slowly, but i’d hate to plunge down deeper.
no, this is is not a male issue though it started from there but i hated it when girlfriends bring you down even deeper, so the ending of the day was somewhat shadowed by the fact that you were let down by your own girlfriends. sucks.
i feel like i’m hating people. well, some people. they let you down despite you being supportive and being the better friend. ugh, i dont know. i really have had too much of a good thing. not that i need to slow down or stop abruptly. i just want something different, i think.

+ + +

it’s a very sad day today.

within the circle of friends i’ve known, someone passed away this morning at 1.35 am. with the power of twitter and facebook, the news spread like a wild fire. those who never knew him, Google-d him and came across his blog. he’s a photographer. browsing through his pictures and all, those shots grips you and saddens you, even though you never knew him. reading his tweets on twitter, you came to know what he went through before he passed away and all the sadness he hid beneath it.

i hate this feeling. i dont know this guy but this kind of thing can really grips me. if i am already sad, i imagined his girlfriend, his mum — they’re at the worst end.


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