it doesn’t take a genius to figure this one out

these days i have became prettier. with a price. that i feel less than the way i used to feel.

i was happier after i find out what i wanted to know. yearning and longing for that feeling to be free. oh, the liberty.

i was not unhappy because i could almost have happiness like this again. i am happy to know that i am becoming closer to have happiness like that again.

all these great lessons. with greater prices. and the greatest emotions experienced. i felt much, much happier despite everything. i just can’t hardly wait to come home.

and i promise you, you will really, really regret it.

ku telah miliki
rasa indahnya perihku
rasa hancurnya harapku
kau lepas cintaku
rasakan abadi
sekalipun kau mengerti
sekalipun kau pahami
berpikirku salah mengertimu

aku hanya ingin kau tahu
besarnya cintaku
tingginya khayalku bersamamu
tuk lalui waktu yg tersisa kini
di setiap hariku
di sisa akhir nafas hidupku

walaupun semua
hanya ada dalam mimpiku
hanya ada dalam khayalku
ku lewati itu

somehow, i find this poignant. utterly.

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