i repeat, what the hell do men want?

what the hell…?

it seems so easy for you to do something like that. if i ever do that, i would only do it to someone i never talked to. never ever met, even. in your own fantasy, in your own imaginary world that everybody else is just living in it, you have to put reservations for those who were able to reach you, means that they care about you. which means they have feelings.

you have very little regard to how people feel. i’m not saying all the time, but for this one, this is a no laughing joke. it’s a mean one. if that someone might have like you and you dropped something like this… wow. even though it’s too early — i think we can both agree on that — but this is still not something to kid around. we have different ideas of the things we take lightly. we have yet to know everything about each other, what makes us tick, our pet peeves, our dislikes. 

we had something nice going on. it’s dumbfuck that men always say women spoil these things by doing the one thing they dread: us wanting clarification. well, we dread that you do what you did to us to seek for clarification. because just like you, men, we thread our steps carefully. we don’t want to simply cross lines, deliriously crash your gates or unnecessarily taking it to another level when at the end of the day, the most sengal and bebal bastard from one of your species can fool us again.

and here’s a hint. when you are confronted with a woman who seeks clarification, she’s thinking rationally. she is the opposite of you, who, are saying things at the most irrational timing. and with this question the woman came up with, she is really thinking a few steps ahead, just like you men lives to do when it comes to strategizing your future. and that woman, despite your stupid, stupid, stupid random acts — is still holding out for you and giving you free passes. take her, or walk away. right now.

despite whatever my exposure, that we are completely the opposite, i am quite darn particular about these things. i am not the easy type.

i thought we are careful with our words, our actions, our gestures, our speeches. don’t we scrutinize and criticize each single thing that someone who broke our heart did to us? but why the hell would you do the same thing? it is not, “it is not the same thing.” it is the same thing. for as long as at the end of it, another heart is broke.

are you satisfied now, that you break hearts just the way someone broke yours?  you’re glad to know now that you’re capable to do something like that?

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