because you talked to an azubirian like that — you get snubbed.

+ in the voice of a la Gossip Girl +

it’s a pretty agonizing day for S to go through but her ever attentive white knight kept her company, showering endless affections and pretty pictures. S took in her consolation at the stats of her private playground visits. it doesn’t only came from the source she planted, but a few others who have linked her elsewhere and clickers came to read another one of those wrathful entries which S cursed a lot, naturally.

and more profoundly, visitors just knew which link to click, which account to be referred to — albeit protected.

whether or not this is another bridge to burn — which S can simply do it in her sleep, especially unto those who could be off balance about something one never even had to start with — she has yet to comment any further. she just can’t help herself to pulling  a few teasing strings, though — all of a sudden, she just knows how to play this game.

but why waste time playing games or settling an argument when there are more things going on in life? unless you can prove S is wrong — then she would be interested to meet you and settle this… maturedly. if it is that called for.

who does S thinks she is? who do you think you are, summoning S to meet as you please, just because she naturally cursed a lot when she’s in wrath. weren’t you saying the mother-fourletterword-ing too?

in the meantime, enjoy being snubbed. not that you don’t need it anyway. you now have all the time in the world to ensure a much stronger connection. a total S-proof bond.


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