you have to feel like you want to give it to him

it’s funny how your close friends can be damn encouraging, if not supportive. termasuk the boyfies sekali. kelakar nak mampos.
“tolong lea, tolong lea bawak dia lepak sekali, suraya!”

layla is broken, i have to put her on speaker.
moi: this is not good when knight is calling meee!
and nurlin just burst out laughing.

that SUV ride is one of the best rides ever after all these years. it’s the mix of being adventurous, carefree, risky and fearless. all thrill and ecstasy and i just don’t bother where the hell we ended cruising through between all those sounds and curses coming out. some hella of a ruckus the two of us created.

and i just never thought, that, you know… it was accepted with glee by the closest friends you’ve got.
moi: the spell is broken!
nurlin: what spell?
moi: that spell!
nurlin: what spell??? aku tak faham!!!
moi: ape yang ade dengan aku dah bertahun-tahun?
nurlin: ohmigoddd!!! i want you. outside. right. now!!!

and when i walked past sam at the curve without even realizing that was him, terus set up a chase on me siap nurlin beriya called my cell — restlessly wanting to catch sight of knight.
moi: haha, diorang ingat kau skandal aku.
zaki: … … … … … … … … …
moi: kau kenal tak sape ni, nurlin?
nurlin muka blurrr — dia memang hopeless -_-“).
zaki: istana ni? (asking moi)
nurlin: oh ya, tau tau! now kenal already! (anggukangguk beriya)
sam laughed hysterically. siot mamat tu, terus menari-nari bangra.

when it hurts, i never reminisced it fondly or my lips are pursed in a silly smile endearing his imperfections that are perfect. i just feel it as it is — it hurts, ouh, damn!
nurlin: because you don’t have that feeling. he is not the one and you know it.
huda: but ouhhh i’m so happy for you! i’ve been waiting for this! can’t wait for the next episode! okay, details, details!

i’m just… taken aback with their encouragement. the boyfies included. i’m glad they know that i am just having fun. i’m glad they know that i can take care of myself. i’m glad they just let me have it and even if it turned out ugly, they promised me that they will be there. and find me another. hahahahaha ~


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