how i met your father

here’s a girl in a dark red long top and black pants, with her straw-coloured bag walking in fast pace across the new wing of the shopping mall to get to the old wing. she was somewhat wary that she is already late.

she took the escalator to go up and at the same time was fiddling with her phone. she was texting with her girlfriends about another girlfriend’s birthday plan. at the same time too, she appeared as nonchalant as possible. she lives and breathes as if she is being observed.

as she arrived to the floor up, she scanned the floor for someone who appears to be waiting for someone. there seems to be none. there was no lone figure with the descriptions she has in mind. she looked around again. every other person seems to already be engaged. she shrugged it off and made a call.

she quicky scanned the floor again, to observe if there is anyone rustling for the cellphone in their pocket or whatnot. the call is already answered and there is still no one with a cellphone in their hand, plugged to their ear within her sight.

“where are you?”

the line went dead. perplexed, she stares at her cellphone. someone bumped her softly by the side from behind and she turned, but the figure is already walking past her. the figure turned to look at her and smiled mischievously.


“come on… what would you like for lunch?”

+ + +

fast forward now.

here’s the girl in a black babydoll dress and a pair of jeans, with her pewter-coloured bag strolling along the same spot. she stares at the row of cashiers of the supermarket as she walked to the elevator.

in this scenery, she flashback to the first time they met. perhaps she was already observed from here, as she walked to the escalator to meet at the promised spot. perhaps he has already picked her up as her body language is read while he was checking out at the counter.

after he paid for the groceries, he took the elevator a few minutes behind her. he watched her peering around and clutching to her cellphone. he has already measured her up from behind and is pleased. and when she finally made that call, all his assumptions are confirmed.

he smiles as his phone rings, flashing her number.

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