why did i set distance

i’m still upset.

i realized i am still pretty upset.

it was like breaking up with a boyfriend. only times four. and the fact that i’ve known each of you for almost more than a decade.

i didn’t judge you when you were bitching about one of the girlfriends. but you will immediately shut me up when i do. it’s like, a constant reminder that i’m such a whiny, complaining slut.

i kinda realized that i’m real good at snubbing people. it is not called “the art of pretending other people not significant enough to exist” — it is really “the art of snubbing”.

never think that it will ever cross your mind that i’m loneliest with0ut my girlfriends. and i will never forgive the fact that when i talked about fuckface, you so royally believe that i am subconsciously in love with him.
why. would. i. fell in love. with the fuckface?

that was really one of the no-no questions to ask.


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