i don’t have faith in this

moi: i didn’t finish the ribs! what’s happening to meee? i used to be able to polish the plate clean! ugh, i’m getting old…
H: you didn’t finish your food? really… then, it could only means one thing. it means, you’re in love.
moi: i am not in love! i can never be in love!

… not at this moment… nope.
ahh, suessynext thing you know, its either youre in that SUV going up to the hills or in that plane flying to the mountains.

rush of emotions… not exactly. faltered to excitement… yeah. during this process of jadi hati kering but i still fall to what-the-heart-can’t-stop-feeling is welcoming — i’m glad that i’m still human. or that if i would do the un-suessy-able, but i kindawon’tbutmaybeiwouldokayiwon’t — i’m glad that my conscience is still intact.

yeah. whatever. so far, a good week. i love all the attention. and this newnewstuff i dare myself to embark with every damn precautions known.


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