there were, some best lines mentioned during our cherating trip —

on the road, with a bottle of annusyrah drinking water

nurlin: huda, kau tak boleh minum air ni… nanti kau terbakar.
huda: kau minum dulu. kalau kau tak terbakar, confirm aku pun takkan terbakar.

+ + +

at the villa, getting ready for dinner

moi: i can never leave the haus without makeup now.
huda: is it like when you speak malay, you will look stupid?

+ + +

at the beach, nurlin and huda burying their feet into the sands. the waves was a nuisance.

huda: aiii, kenape ni? aku tak boleh nak tanam kaki aku.
roha: habis lea kau, huda — tanah tak nak terima kau.

+ + +


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