split personality

wedding – the celebrity

i was at affan’s wedding and i was in raptures talking to aneeza about the price of engagement rings the stars have on their very important finger while nanec and boyfie, sala, and izary just arrived and started to have their nasi minyak from the buffet.

“do you know how much is carrie underwood’s engagement ring costs? 850k! nicole richie’s was a quarter mil, khloe kardashian’s half a mil.”

i blame e! channel for disclosing vulgar information such as these.

“their ring is not a deposit for a new house, it’s a total of two very decent two-storey hauses!” i summed up the information smartly.

“what about you? what is your engagement ring criteria?” i can’t remember who asked but i was immediately delighted. hence my response —
“well, if it were me…” i started as if i’m being interviewed, poised and ready with an answer.

“oh my god, she’s like already prepared with an answer, truly… like she’s a celebrity being interviewed,” nanec guffawed.

spot on.

my answer was simple. “i would like the rock to be the size of manhattan.”

truly a new york girl at heart. i never blame plum sykes’ novelpenmanship for teaching me that.

+ + +

luncheon – the socialite

we were at the gardens celebrating bridget’s birthday. we had sushi. i confessed that i am the last malay girl who doesn’t know how to use chopsticks which i admit is pretty embarassing but a girl has got to be different from the rest, no?

so there i was semi-pathetically handling my chopsticks gingerly, the point is to not being sloppy which is just enough and could devoid the humiliation of icky looks and stares from the rest of the posh patrons including my work colleagues. i could never face them the next day.

“are you okay with the chopsticks? would you like fork and spoon for that okonomiyaki?”
“no, no, i’m good. i want to use the chopsticks,” i said confidently, showing my team spirit and that i’m the type to do anything once, twice, thrice, as long as it counts.
“do you actually like japanese food? is it okay that we’re having sushi?”
“of course!” my eyes sparkled with delight. “so much so that i would like to have a japanese boyfriend myself. then he can teach me how to use chopsticks!”

the table laughed. i never see that coming. “oh, you speak like a datin!” melissa commented.

my eyes went wide. i do?

oh my. i never meant to be rude or it’s my-world-everyone’s-just-living-on-it but i take that comment with amusement. perhaps i do have the makes of a datin. oh laaa…


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