it’s been awhile, and i miss this entry series —

+ in the voice of a la gossip girl +

S spotted back in the isle after almost half a year battling with her personal issues in the city. she was first seen at the shopping mall with mum buying heels for the cousin’s very pink engagement the next day. in the evening she was seen with the groom-to-be cousin and sid-vicious-wannabe brother — a la korean (tresses in a clip, a thin metal headband with ribbon detail) and a la LA Candy (long cardy, skinny jeans and ballet flats). S is currently pretty private, rsvp-ing to none and popping only at certain gatherings while inkling to shut down or deactivate her facebook account — its one of those phases. these days she is aggressively reblogging tumblr posts and tending to her four two-month-old kittens.

+ + +

it’s been awhile also that i avoid listening to my favourite joe flizzow’s tracks but while i’m in penang right now, i only want to listen to him. call me is like a love anthem minus the “too many ladies, too many cities” part.

oh, serena vdw is truly revolting these days. read ’em here, and you might just turn your back to it — you’ve been forewarned. blair is the one last very thin thread for moi and i might just let ’em go altogether. thank god for entourage — come soon, 26th of june!

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