being akal-less

let me get this out of my system

i implore to youngsters out there who are darn fascinated and driven with the sadism conflicted by four males unto an unfortunate female on the last 44 days of her life that they (youngsters) are committed to spread it around as much as possible — to spare your mother the details. it is enough to let her (your mother) knows that whatever the four males did to the girl is as far as human rights do not apply on them.

in the wake of seeking justice for arwah aminulrasyid amzah, it gives the youngsters all the reason to hate the police. then again, who are these four males who akal-lessly tortured junko furuta… the males were then 16 and 17 years of age. whats your age again, youngster?

it is pointless to hate a certain demographic. the point is, human are gifted with the one thing that separates them from beasts — akal. but some went akal-less.


personal opinion: parents should never stop looking for their children who went missing. children and parents are meant to be together under one roof — that’s family. and parents should never ignore the plea of another child that is not theirs. it is worth the risk… have faith in the police force. there are people who actually live for their profession.

the point is, this is just a cruel test of faith — on the victim, on the mothers, on you. those who ridicule these people in desperation should be the first in line to be sula-ed.


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