don’t dread the game, dread the players

regardless that players cheat like there’s no tomorrow, love is still a pure and an enjoyable game.

maybe you won’t need a contract for your relationship, but don’t ever say that you don’t believe in love. don’t!

you can never rule out love. ever. love lives in your life. in everyone’s life, love lives on. totally inevitable.

when trumped with a trump card, i would love to have someone at the end of the day to wailed to and who treats moi to a cuppa just because.

and i want to stop missing my guyfriends. i don’t love them at all like cinta, just kasih sayang. but i want to stop missing them. because i get tired — not confused — it’s tiring that one week i’m missing this guyfriend then the next week i’m missing the scandal then the week later i’m missing another guyfriend and then the following week… you know the drill. i just want to miss one guy for life. and missing him like cinta with kasih sayang.


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