use somebody

benda-benda yang saya nak cakap untuk hari ini.

imho, the definition of MM is almost coming to its end. unless MM, at the nick of time on his own stroke of genius, manage to steer it to yet another (notmuchtosayreally) period untuk bertahan bagi kepuasan kipas-kipas-susah-nak-matinya.

all its glory of his # Sebab Mengapa Melayu Tak Boleh Jadi Marilyn Monroe atau JFK (contoh), Malam Semalam di Ibukota # (patutnya his 100th entry of this title kononnya besarbesaran but it went just like any other) and Tanya Abang Minimalis and others has reach its breaking point. Well, maybe braking point — in homage to one of his new interests with those no-gear bikes whateverokaynotmycupoftea.

regardless, it’s preferable to stop whilst ATP is at its peak.

unless you could… convince him otherwise, if you may.

+ + +

i’ve been wondering for quite some time where alice is in FB. i’ve been meaning to write to her but i rarely use my gmail since i prefer ymail and so i chose to tweet her first but i don’t see her there either. when alice is still invisible everywhere, i did finally log into my gmail because she’s one-of-those-worth-crawling-back-to-my-gmail-inbox-for.

she has already informed me so on an e-mail dated april 16th that she’s going to be under the radar for awhile. ooh yeayyy, im so sorry, alice!

i dropped by her nu blog for a quick read. the pictures she took with her husband are so gorgeousssesss to the point that i went hmm… how do you say it… what’s the precise word… macam, when robert pattinson oh jiho lalu depan you and he saw you and being the perfect gentleman he acknowledges you with a smile and a nod. because the pictures of alice and her husband are so lovely, and you’re in love with robert pattinson oh jiho and there’s that same kind of chemistry and that’s why you pun rasa macam jantung you tiba-tiba ade sepasang sayap putih dan mau terbang jauh ke langit… aha, like that lah!

have fun, alice.

red queen.

+ + +

don’t bother to rebuild the bridges already burnt. it’s not that that it is not worth the person you rebuild the bridge for, but it is not even worth it for you to make the journey to the other side.

bila you burn bridges, it means you’ve had it enough. the last straw pun dah habis patah long time ago. burn bridges means it is the last available level after the last straw that broke the camel’s back. bukannya suka-suka nak bakar jambatan. menipiskan ozon. heal the world.

then again, we do have what we call ‘second chance’, aye? as far as my second chance goes, it’s just like carrie underwood’s song — fool me once, shame on you/ fool me twice, shame on me. ooh laa, when you had it right the first time, you will always be right until well… hell freezes over, i guess.

at best, just keep these burnt-bridges-people at a schmoozefest. must always keep the grapevine juicy as well, you know.

+ + +

until then… life in daydreams is sublime, darling.


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