baby’s got a temper

seronoknya jalan-jalan pakai flats hari ni. rasa sangat liberated. rasa sangat ringan. rasa sangat dingin. tak berpeluh langsung!

hmm. dah macam iklan rexona, bukan?

+ + +

esok turun new york. oh, adventur (etveyntur)! tak sabar-sabar nak lost dalam rush hour. on foot. mari terpinga-pinga tapi rasa selamat manolo blahniks takkan turut dirompak sebab pakai flats tiamo saja, haha. oh, well. simpan duit dan kad touch-n-go dalam kasut, okay love.

+ + +

kinda missed someone, though… someone’s dearly amusing to heart right now. keeping it that way and only because it’s the sweetest thoughts it could get. comes the day when i can have him all to me, i’m gonna reject him right away — unless he is him. the fault is, he will never be true to anyone right now, he will only be arrogant and obnoxious even tough people can see right through him — tapi sangat sayang for all those girls who followed his conduct like an eager puppy named babe‘. he can truly be sweet by being himself, really, but he will always choose to go loud. in that same shirt over and over again.

haizzz… bila dah single ni, sayang, tukar wardrobe kalau tak buat makeover. come onnn, you can do it!


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