luesi’s lesson

this happened last february 7th when the neighbour’s dog fancied luesi to death that he chased her around and for the life of hers and her belly she climbed up a tree so that the dog can’t get her.

it was around ten in the morning and mum and i were heading to chow kit to get more containers for her kewkizz. we told each other that luesi will come down eventually so we drove up to the city. approximately three hours later when we came back from chow kit, luesi is still up there.

it was tricky trying to get her down. she won’t move even for half an inch or centimetre — to be more dramatic — because she is just too traumatic. she’s been chasing tod, kenya, moeli and gueci ever since these nubies sets foot in the haus and finally comes the day she is being chased by the demon of a dog. padan muka.

it was also physically tricky trying to reach her to get her down because as per picture you can see the thin spider-ly little branches that you couldn’t put a ladder through to lean on its trunk. so what did we the azubirian ladies do?

we brought down the tree. yup. using a knife and a cleaver. after a good thirty minutes chopping the main trunk, the neighbour — whose dog chased luesi — lend us her saw.

and the tree fell, luesi is back on land, she ran into the haus, straight to the kitchen, jumped on the kitchen’s window and jumped out of the haus entah ke mana.

mum was pissed off that after the hard work, luesi paid it off by running away. well, luesi came back home the next day. still shaken. poyo punya kucing. dramakuin.

we thought the chase gave luesi a good lesson to not drive the other cats nuts — there was one time she gave moeli a chase and moeli ran for her life staring ahead while luesi was beside her keeping pace, looking sideways to moeli — but she gets feisty again. one day recently, luesi gave kenya deathstares and at the first meow coming out from kenya, luesi slapped kenya’s face with her paw, causing kenya to reverse and luesi repeat steps. and we thought luesi would stop giving gueci hard times, but she still does anyways, even though gueci is heavily pregnant.


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