i nak blog. i really do. tapi ntahapahapa ayat dikarang. suka ber-tumblr aja. mudah. tak payah fikir ape. gambar cantik, snap! ketagih pulak tu. gambar-gambar chandeliers teringatkan roha, gambar-gambar laut, pantai dan buku teringatkan cik waniardy, gambar-gambar batman teringatkan becky papa adrian, gambar-gambar wu tang atau vw combi teringatkan tagg. dan quotes yang best-best are dedicated to the girlfriends, the cousins and some notable gents.

the best post i like very the much and forever close at heart is absototalutely this one.

to boost vocabulary production, i visited rysa’s blog and for a dose of sarcasm, the gadisjahat’s blog. tak berapa boosted or dos-ted sesangat this time. i guess because i pegi khatamkan someone’s blog last night, i’m very much filled up with his way of blogging. simple everyday things yang nothing different but endearing and amusing the way i have my fond thoughts of him. each entry bores a picture (or two or three depending on his extra kerajinan) and a few sentences — five the most.

for me, i would like very much to have this entry categorized under Moi 750+. and there are lot of things running inside my head for the past three weeks also. mostly of being amused, elated and downtrodden.

okay, here are some. or all of them. please proceed to the next entry.


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