gueci is expecting, okay. dia curi my biological clock timing belt — crappp.

i already have names for her babies — bijou, jiro and gatsby. bijoua french name pronounced, beegay, but i dont care imma pronounce it beezhou — is well, a name that has been hanging around for quite some time, ever since M gave moi that toy poodle… jiro is from the j-drama, engine, when shunta keeps shouting for jiro (played by darling kimutaku as the bus driverokay okay, the race car driver) as he ran after the bus to the point jiro stopped and asked, “why do you keep calling my name? i ain’t a dog…” and gatsby… what else, darling kimutaku again, although i would be pronouncing it gat-soo-bee later on. they’re all unisex names, don’t you think? ha-ha!

itu pun kalau dapat three surviving kittens. kalau dapat four or five, i still have not think of their names yet! maybe james ataupun harry potter? pegasus ke, atau intan payung? touareg or tribeca? oh, oh… maybe tribeca ^^ — kalau it’s tricolour…

and i have a list of names that will be notified of their arrival already. nak buat e-card cantik-cantik and tag their appointed godmummies and daddies ^^.

i have pictures of pregnant gueci. but malasnya nak upload. since travis is frequently absent with moi recently, tagg suggested that i should lend travis to him. well, tagg and travis will never be friends =p.

i really, really can’t wait for the arrival of ’em kitties ^^. i hope they will all arrived safely dan dipanjangkan hayat =).


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