drama vitamins

i am…

formerly miss blair waldorf.

now i am miss lauren conrad.

buat masa ini. just nak pujuk my darling self who i am totally in love with — sisasisa blair waldorf is still around, haha!

i suppose i will buy her books. she’s my nu chic-read faves.

it does feels kind of pathetic at times — the times i dread of being single — when you go to celebratory occasions alone. and especially at that same event, your scandal is also there showing off some girl to pissed you off.

sorry sweetheart, don’t wear a cotton tube underneath your kebaya top. it’ll snag the chiffon threads. that’s why they have corsets, see?
and especially not a white cotton tube underneath that black kebaya top. sweetheart, the least go get yourself a lycra cami. and in black, please, it will help you to go with everything else. 

ohhh wait, saya masih a waldorf. ha-ha.
then again, why be nastier to the girl when the bozo is the guy?

because the guy… gelak je dah cukup.

okayyy, transition was not that smooth. apetah nak apply eyeliner macam LC pun fail using brushes. i think i’m at better control with pencil eyeliners. but that l’oréal eyeliner gel cost a bomb for this kedekut-nak-servis-kereta babe like moi, i must put it to good use. the first time i did, which transformed my eyes dramatically i was beyond-elated-finally-my-eyes-are-like-conrad’s made me keep believing and motivated that i could do it again. yes! oui!

and with regards to attending the engagement, the wedding and the reunion must-always-bring-someone-and-the-rule-is-an-absolutely-single-male, LC doesn’t do this all the time — masa dia tengah single. she always have audrina and/or lo. or whitney when it’s the company’s events. tidak, stephanie pratt tidak significant. lepas tu boleh comolot with a hottie like brody jennerrr. okayyy, i nak comolot with —

my favourites in the hills are frankie and lo. weren’t they snogging it off on brody’s birthday at vegas? yeahhh, i sangat outdated and i just finished downloading all the seasons with lauren conrad — it’s on replay all the time on my other laptop. i need the drama vitamins everyday.

and oh yeah, long and blond tresses like lauren’s. not serena’s.


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