backstage boyfriend

the previous post — that is now telah selamat diarwahkan (baca: delete) — is too eww for me come to think of it now. but i do heart the song mr man by alicia keys ft jimmy cozier. to say there has only ever been one person… hm. maybe.

anyways, i’m only doing a quickie here. i’ve been having weird dreams this past few weeks. besides that one dream where i’m engaged to a shahredzuan and another dream where i had a baby boy that i named biggy (apakahhh), i dreamt of these men who was my boyfie in it — separate dreams, okayyy. so, the men are — one of my BFF whose girlfie is one of my BFFs, a funny friend who’s too damn rich but unfortunately taken already, and my boss’ boss’ boss. not miss ai, of course, it’s JL. i’m blaming my subconscious mind. i never think about them and i never think that subconsciously i’m thinking about them but where else dreams get their sources, eh? gile subconscious mind aku ni. i’m always thinking the hills, blackberry storm, migrating to tokyo and eating nikujaga and kare tapi all these ntahsapesape men became my boyfriends in my dreams. sangat nightmarish, okay.
also, nightmare continues through living daylight as one of the dreams was moi having a pengkid as a lover. aggressive pulak tu, she was mad at me about something so i was womanhandled. tidakkkkk cepatlah aku disunting, tak sanggup aku sape kau ni pengkid ~

i also know that i should be working but damn i’m so pemalas i’m tweeting here and there.

the bootie caller guy earned a nickname — 5minute boy. *lol*, nurlin nicked him. i abbreviated it to 5MB. dehel 5 mg only? we’re going for gigs now, darling. gigs. the bigger the better and yes size does matter. i’ve had perfect ten before so why’d i settled for less?


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