salad bar

confirmed by her mother, suessy will not be attending the front seat of the 82nd academy awards this march 8th (MY time). she will be attending to business instead at the nu working place of a woot-woot newly built tower in the hills with instilled dedication so that next year she won’t missed the 83rd academy awards. that is, unless she married a rich harta halal dunia akhirat ebizo ichikawa xi lookalike, or whatever else comes first. aamiiin.

in relation to the above, her nu BFF asked whether suessy watched the 52nd grammy awards to which suessy promptly answered, “sorry, aku tak layan grammys. i only watched the oscars.” along with her l’oréal-mascaraed lashes for a more dramatical effect before heading to the ladies with a roll of kleenex.

suessy is reported to recently received a bootie call at approximately 3 am. when asked how did it go, suessy replied, “some fun we had. some, indeed. some some some. get it?” it was also reported that she received another bootie call the next morning, only two hours earlier, to which suessy has not responded due to the some effect that is unknown.

suessy is inkling for the ketuk² screen-oriented telecommunication device, namely blackberry 9550, but after reading the reviews on her trusted site,, it wilted her crazy drive to purchased it via credit. in fact, the rest of the other phones’ review, namely htc hero, samsung corby, sonyericsson YARI and AINO have also drove her back to be loyal to the current layla II – SEG705. these days, it is not only enough to have a phone that can take/make calls and write/receive texts, but also WiFi and 3G enabled. with that, you should be thankful with your cellphone already.

after the wedding on valentine’s day, the client was so happy that they paid pharhunt and his partner, yours truly, more than mutually agreed. looks like suessy can add that to her resume and already multi-side incomes.

suessy is now looking forward to reserve her tresses to a tremendous length so that she can do a svdw’s hairstyle. why it is not blair waldorf’s hairstyle being inspired instead is never seriously discussed. supposedly long-hair girls have more fun provided that you are a blonde and loves to party which is pretty much sums up the current state of suessy to avoid minding her ever-ticking biological clock.


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