kronik dan kritikal

suessy hits another mirage

rasa macam nak shut down, nak stop the time, nak get away, nak hilangkan diri. mungkin bukak satu profile alter ego. ahhh letih.

shoe siiiize speaks !!!

please bring me home soon.

there is no song yang boleh buat rasa sesuatu itu entah ape yang dicari hendak dirasai fulaweyyy bahasaaa!

after a while during the first few months of being single, i dread listening to brokenhearted songs. i want to be happy. happy happy. so i listen to all those playful and flirty and happy love songs. have faith.

they were right to tell me to go single when i don’t want to. now i relish it. it is totally very very nice and you get this one sublime chance to love yourself more than ever. to the point that, you won’t let just anyone get even a piece of you, unless they are offering something back, something that you want. to hurt you, jauh sekali.

anyways, on a different pitch — mengapa harus ku jatuh cinta dengan orang jahat? hattrick, babe, bad boys are really sooo hot!!! takei-san of mr brain, baek kye soo of hwang jin yi and recent addition — kaizaki hiroto of tokyo dogs. O-M-G gorgeousnya si jahat-jahat ini. kudo maruo is amusing, dowh, dah lea tinggi dan comel and kacak at the same time getarrr hati mak. shun oguri is shun oguri, aishiteru-desss.

for now, sangat kronik dan kritikal mahu mencari baju untuk valentine’s di johor tahun ini. dan tidak mahu spend melebihi RM50. bertuah.

gomen-neh, pharhunt darl, can’t be with you for v-day!

wahaha going to turun-ing penang sooooooonnn ^o^/ !!!


gile nak signed off amende?


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