cloud twenty-four

suessy faces the tribunal

player yea kau sekarang.
every event, orang lainlain kau bawak.

+ + +

kau cantik hari ni, suessy.
said farizz across the long table during dinner where i sat at the head of it.

i get him to say it again —
owhhh, farizz, this is the second time aku dapat pujian cantik dari kau.
farizz: memang lea, aku tak selalu puji orang cantik. so kalau aku kata kau cantik maknanya kau memangmemangmemang cantik.
ohhh yesss, rasa macam setaraf ari gold memuji.


+ + +

i came home and saw moeli standing and waiting for me at the gate. gueci was crouching nearby and when she saw me, she got up and walked limpingly.

my heart breaks at the sight of it. no wonder she didn’t come last night, mesti dia letih berjalan sebab kaki sakit. x-ray alone is mahal already weyyy, beratus-ratus. kau cakap lea nak explain terel macam mana, vet tu mesti nak x-ray dulu jugak sebelum nak diagnose… takdenya kau nak have any easy way out.

i’m opting to put her in a cage to limit her movements so that the internal damage whatever is able to heal itself.

hopefully =(.

+ + +

i’m getting there, i’m getting there ~

i’m getting there to him ^-^!


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