kept for so long

suessy needs her groove back

it’s unhealthy seeing how i can be deliriously happy for a few days then went downhill after the sugar rush ends. for a few days. and then it will go up again and along with jack and jill i stumbled down together.

actually, i got tons to do. really.

+ + +

the new yorker’s adventures of being a new yorker


miss ai asked me to go to this briefing about this company’s new system whatever. it is held in that company’s HQ in the city. vesper’s insurance and her id is still not settled and i don’t want to drive over to the city because i don’t want to be bother with the parking and that okay, i have a very bad sense of direction.

the briefing is held in the afternoon. i left office at 12 and took a taxi. now this is being a new yorker, being carrie. ha-ha. i arrived at the building with 45 minutes to spare. i had lunch at the only available cafè with decent food since i have not taken anything since breakfast.

nevermind the briefing. that’s part of work. what i relished about this is that i was all alone doing this. miss em called me after that asking where i am. i told her. she asked with who am i with. i said no one.


nawww. not at all. i love doing this. took a taxi and ride in the city. have lunch in the very middle of the cafè, singularly. there’s nothing to be pitied about. i love myself enough to enjoy the solitary. it was powerful. it was liberating. i relished every second of it.


i need more stuffs in my wardrobe. nevermind others that i want to add up and more importantly i actually need a purse and new pumps. we’ll get to that later. right now it’s in the traditional clothings. kebaya and kurung.

justified reason: there are bound to be lots of weddings this year. most people i know are talking about the possibilities. but those who have put down their date, i will immediately RSVP yes. exceptions for families and BFFs, they are by default RSVP-ed yes.

i have to varied the combinations of my collection. kurung is not flexible to mix and match since they usually comes in their own default combination. kebaya is flexible. and fun. as long as you have the basic colour tops, you can pair it with this or that batik or long skirt or pareo.

i bought two pareos recently. a red and yellow. they can go the extra mile pairing with the white, the black, the red or the gold kebaya top i have. that’s eight different kebaya combination already, out of six pieces.

so where’s the new york-ish part here? oh, just to make it fun since i’m picking them up instead of having them delivered to office to avoid mum finding out. i called the adventure as ‘the new yorker picking up her couture sarongs‘. well, yeah… the brand sewn in the inner part of the pareo says, jz couture.

sometimes, the new yorker has to go and pick up her coutures when she has always have them fedex-ed to her place/office.


last friday miss ai needed something to be taken out of the company’s website. naturally the new yorker doesn’t know how to do it, so she asked one of the company’s in-house designers to assists her.

the new yorker has never stepped inside the server room so she was jakun when she does for the first time ever. she only had her jeans and polo tee on so there were goosebumps all over her arms. it was friggin’ cold with roaring air-conditioner winds.

the new yorker wasn’t much of a help, really. she was there getting a mini thrill of her life and at the same time trying to reach a particular dato’ A to escort her to a party she’s attending — who, was suggested by the in-house designer she is with in the server room.

so what’s the adventure part? a new yorker fashionista may have patience for details in her couture embroidering and sequining, but not the same amount for programming and coding sh*ts. she will accompany you in the server room, though, and asked random questions with the answers given don’t really penetrate into her mind because she’s busy doing mental mix and match of what to wear to the next party.

+ + +

the new yorker is turning korean now and keeps forgetting that ebizo is a japanese

i declare that this is just a phase. i miss ebizo greatly and his cheekiness from across the globe amuses me greatly so that will do for now. because now, i am turning a little bit korean.

for one, there’s three brothers. the last brother, kim yi sang — played by lee jun hyuk — is one hottt sexy detective. phew ~ getarrr hati mak.

then there’s music bank. aku macam layan lea jugak observing details of their hair, make up, fashion and video clips. they are powerful ballad singers for the solo artists and a bundle of sunshine for the pop groups. as for the pop groups, having four to five as the most minimum number and nine the most maximum… aku rasa mati dahi berkerut kot for their stylists to think of the projected images for each individual. hair colour, hair nak selak berapa darjah ke kirikananatasbawah/tutup mata yang mana, makeup, trinkets, brooches, long socks, et cetera et cetera. skirts guarantee tiga inci atas lutut. no wonder the asian porn fetish.

i’m in love with royal pirates. they’re superadorable. when the girls were in madness on wonder girls’ nobody, i never thought of listening to it. because they’re korean. only anything tagged japanese gets me at the time. but ever since faridz tagged me in a video of royal pirates’ version of britney spears’ circus, and i youtube-d them for other videos, i found their version of wonder girls’ nobody. ever since then, i’m hooked. totally. they’re my new darlings and i looked forward to memorize the song. ha-ha.

then there’s hwang jin yi. details, details, details. nuff said. especially on the costume design. i think masa tu the bangsawan and gisaeng ladies mesti suffer from neck strain with those hair extensions. not much difference during marie antoinette times with the hair tower as designed by the fictional lèonard. and their dances. i like the sword dance, i’m captivated. and the crane dance and whatever else to which the costume they wore while performing associates with the dance moves well which then delivers the ultimate effects of awe to the audiences.

also, there’s ryu tae joon in it. ohhh myyy goddd. he can make ebizo make a run for his love for moi.

and there’s always, always, the soundtrack. the search for hwang jin yi‘s soundtrack download buat aku tak boleh tido. thanx to eda, ever the magical hands in finding the almost ungoogleable korean songs torrents, she found it for me. the music score is great. all of them. one wholesome album. that is, kalau kau layan cerita tu lagi kau appreciate lea.

and there’s baek ji young in the soundtrack too. she’s my favourite now, totally. especially with her tear-jerker ballads. remember her like being hit by a bullet? na bbeun sa ram, or translated bad person in english, is another one equivalent to it and i keep the playmode of the song on repeat.

then again, the downside of these korean dramas which i disliked so much in the first place is that when it comes to forbidden love… at least for me, it’s my ultimate doom of despair and depression. gile bila kau dengar the tangisan and the grief they had to endure what with having a tear-jerker ballad on the background which menyemarakkan lagi perasaan, you’re doomed, man… doomed!

hwang jin yi is the last i’m going to watch. i have to go back to shibuya.

+ + +

until then, i am going out to learn the streets of the city. vesper and i are going for more adventures.


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