none the significant

suessy never gets to wear the whitia dress she picked up hours before new year from oozoratang. the traffic in the city during new year was so un-jam, the guy she knew through work were there from KL minutes before she arrived to the suite from SJ. the guy only stayed for 90 mins max and went back to work because he’s workaholic like that. both missed the new year countdown because they were catching up and working out on how the colleagues threw the taboo question at him when he dropped by — he thinks the phones are bugged ha ha ha. she also never gets to wear the bib necklace as intended and instead wore it for the first time while sending off her brother to the middle east. suessy is very emotional about the parting though she took shots of her best in grey (her BFF aneeza remarked that suessy looks corporate when suessy dons grey) — very narcissistic. suessy have lots to rant still but she got that script meeting to attend and following up with her interviewees on the passed up interview questions for her to start that interview-oriented blogzine. and also translation! translation. oh, her lappie did not crash nor it’s the harddisk. it’s the lappie’s charger that is not working (and she is currently typing very blisfully on a dell d630). suessy is literally facebooking by dropping comments layan-kepala-suessy-or-else and liking this picture and that picture and her own picture and showing off her family’s edward cullen and building her empire in glamour age. suessy is seriously considering starting her new year with a credit card. like carrie who said (quote), “literally be the woman who lived in her shoe”, suessy is one like that only that she can only afford tops and dresses right now because they’re much, much cheaper. like her mistress, moeli nanae gatsubi seems to also be piling up on weight that she looks like a cat from russia wearing a chinchilla coat.

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