flashback to a couple of weeks ago — two, to be almost approximate

suessy is dating ebizo again

why yes, she secretly prays for <<click to know who is>> them to break off. or rather, when one (couple) renews their vow or coos about their very-committed relationship, you will hear the next news about them that they have broke up. how hopeful ironic.

suessy worked deliriously on decorating her BFF cordee’s surprise belated birthday party that was held in pd last mid december. afterward, she worked closely with one of the guests to collect all photos in order to sort and have them published in FB. suessy pulled another creativity stunt of the birthday album with the help of picnik.com (she still refuses profusely to have patience enough to take the adobe photoshop tutorials). suessy gushed excitedly about the decorating assignment and while she went on relentlessly through the night, suessy keep thinking of the BFF aneeza, who is always putting some more icing on the cake so it inspires suessy to overdo her. suessy also said (quoted), “it was well worth it, even though i only slept one hour before we left for pd. cordee is easy to pleased and she really appreciates all the effort put in. we made her pd vacation a reality and a pat-on-the-shoulder for each of us being able to pulled it off on what we were able to pool in.” whether or not suessy will document the weekend in her blog remains undecided since she is currently experiencing blogging burnout. note: she has yet to finished the entry on BFF anyszs birthday dinner last august. a week after the birthday/pd trip, BFF cordee rounded the lot for lunch and appreciation gifts she picked personally from marks & spencer and which on the same day afterwards suessy lost her (eyebrow) virginity after combined effort and support from three of the fgk-s who were doing their routine at the time before deciding to karaoke above the western courtyard later. suessy discovered that she has piled up additional two kilos and is crazy about shedding it off as soon as possible. she noted that she has been eating a lot and even eating when she noted that she’s not even hungry. suessy thinks the kilos come from eating mc d’s big n’ tasty almost every lunch last two weeks — the only mc d burger she approves — since that’s the only delivery available to her office because burger king doesn’t. her mother remarked that suessy does looked a bi-i-i-i-i-t chubbier. suessy is now doing a twenty-five reps standing push ups because she would at least wants her pair of biceps toned during these chubby periods. suessy purchased a black multiple stones bib necklace from her favourite designer of beautifuldisaster.org with immediate arrangment to first wear it on BFF cordee’s birthday. but since they went to the beach after the dinner, the fgk-s advised suessy to go minimal. suessy then put her mind to wear the accessory on the coming new year celebration with another red outfit. however, suessy later learnt that neither clubbing or even karaoke — an activity which suessy would rolled her eyes everytime it is suggested — would happen as the girlfriends decided to spend the time by renting a two-room penthouse in the city instead. this marks two things: suessy won’t again, be able to wear the bib necklace she’s been coveting, and two, she has to tell this guy she knew from work that they will have to meet some other time. suessy has spontaneously invited a guy she knew through work to join her and her girlfriends during the new year celebration, suggesting they might be doing either two activities mentioned. being that the new year activity is another whole different thing, suessy decided to not have him around (quoted), “it’s too intimate” and she meant to just hang around even though the guy would be meeting the fgk-s. nevertheless, suessy has her eyes on this white number — whitia — by another of her favourite online sellers, oozoratang. suessy is pretty excited with the fact that her birth date is the same with the coming year, and she thinks she may throw a party to mark it but is pretty doubtful whether people would come since it’s a wednesday night. in her mental note, she has approximately thirty-five people in her guests list. suessy is determined to learn japanese online this coming new year, something in common she shares with one of her BFF nani’s boyfie though he meant by attending actual classes and nothing virtual. suessy mourns for one of her colleagues’ parting from the company she is currently attached to and she has very fond thoughts of him, even though he always pointed out that (quoted), “the japanese killed our ancestors.” when suessy told him to ring her up when he found a gorgeous japanese guy to hook up with her (to which he suggested suessy to rethink about it and go for chinese guys like him instead). after watching the documentary my dear child of the enemy on channel 551, suessy agrees that indeed, the japanese is a cruel race — echoing bridget jonesmother — even to this day what with their astronomical living expenses for those who wished to work there (like yours truly). suessy is upset and angry after guessing it right that her country landed itself in the list of the world’s friendliest countriesno. 5 — forbes.com has chose a WTH/WTF irrelevant picture to illusrate the country (does it supposed to say, what?! that we, the selfproclaimed islamic country is lenient towards leg model and we wont beheaded them to the point we serve liquors for free on our airlines?), on top of a typo error, other agendas, ploys and useless marketing strategies for other white countries rebecca ruiz of forbes.com have listed along in the list. suessy claims to be busy until march next year and when asked what is it that is keeping her, she will always answer the exact same thing (quoted), “translations.” other than that, she is working on two weddings, scriptwriting for legends and myths documentary, an interview-oriented blogzine and selling stuffs online herself. we might as well be expecting big stuffs happening from suessy besides suessy expecting stuffs happening like meeting the big of her life.


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