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men are stupid, women are evil

this is a very bias and brief study by suessy suraya suhaimi

see, when you are the homewrecker, you don’t get to defend nor justify yourself, because you are already tastefully immoral. you don’t get to grade nor judge people because you are already evil just the way you are. even that you are evil and at one of the highest ranks of the deeds, it is ironically the lowest point scums can be, as equivalent to, those men who terrorize women and children especially during war or (pathetically) for their own personal ego lusts — which is why men are stupid.

a few months ago, i cried in the car after i learnt about a very horrible situation. i then realized that, when you say men are bad, the women are worse. we can be evil, i tell you. we can really be. as much as moi can be evil-mouthed at times (and loving it) i won’t want to cross the line if i were the third party. bottom line, the guy is not worth my love — my love! — at all if he does not has the ball to decide. it’s the simplest thing to do and ironically the hardest. but that is what sets it apart between a man and a stupid man.

i loathed those indonesian songs — yang selalu aku dengarlah di corongcorong radio dan digilagilakan masyarakat setempat — which apologizes when he is in love with two women and always chose the second best (i guess its the guilt part, he knew the girl hes cheating with is the best but because he is cheating, he redeemed himself by choosing the one he is currently with) — sakit jiwa shialll lagu macam tu. i despised it when women are fighting for the same man and that man — that man: yang kau rebutkan, pertahankan, perjuangkan — is merely sitting there with heavy sighs and keep pulling his hair behind or gosok-gosok his baldy head, W. haizzz, buang masa lea, dol!

i was appalled when i read this girl’s entry about how she hmm… defended? explained? justified? herself on cheating with someone’s fiancèe. gila betul this girl. like i said earlier, when you are the homewrecker, you don’t get to explained yourself. you do have options — either to go through the shits (and eat it zerocomplain) or walk away. but you choose the former. and then kau hentam tunang that guy beriya-iya and explicitly stated that you have class compared to that girl. babe, you. are. a whore. nuff said actually, but since you claimed you are a paris hilton who zilched in EQ, i will take some time to elaborate it to you — and yeah, i can take down you bimbos anytime by even doing nothing!

to say that the girl don’t have class compared to you, that affair of yours is engaged to her. and what does that says about him to have taste in the type of girl his fiancèe is before he met you? and in return, how does that reflects about you that you chose him who chose her? and to observe that the guy let his fiancèe kena hentam by his mistress (you), oh come on, man woman — the least ada tak kau seluk dalam manties dia and make sure he really has balls? he will do the same for you and he will never defends you. if you so make him happier than she does — why hasn’t he decide it already to do it right rather than to keep you in the dark? you are not that actually good enough to begin with.

and OMG ade jugakkk orang yang sokong dia (dalam ruangan komen). gila lagi terkejut aku. this another woman sangatsangatsangat support her. in her words — pardon the inaccuracy

i pun pernah go through apa yang you are going through right now. the girl yang ade affair dengan tunang i (now husband already ^-^) pun lebih kurang macam you but it’s actually a reallyreallyreally worthy event in our lives. it makes him realized he loves me more after he cheated on me.

— which aku bayangkan perempuan ni sure pressured and pestered her husband macam sialll to get to where she is right now. HE forbids it i would marry such men. once a cheater, always a cheater. tiger went on it (cheating) steadily since the early months of his wedding bliss (if those are true).

to quote cilla grey who said this to juliet draper in cashmere mafia, “every good marriage deserves an affair. i am actually doing a favour for you.” i do not agree. you don’t get to claim anything. even the concubines knows to sealed their mouth shut or risk being beheaded or gang-raped by the king’s bodyguards. if that man is not respecting his woman, the least you (woman) can do is respect her. even if he does not loves her anymore, she deserves the respect from him and you the stranger, the third party, the homewrecker and being a woman on top of it, must respect her too.

jaimee grubbs is one horrific woman. yea you want to proved that kau kena tobek dan tebuk by tiger but seriously and naturally i heart for elin nordegren. she (jaimee) got no sense of respect at all in the sense of from a woman to a woman.

case in point of men are stupid — hans isaac and erra fazira. marilyn manson and evan rachel woods. jessica simpson and billy corgan. and eminem getting back briefly with kim. aku tak tau lea korang dah rasa running out of options ke atau korang nak try bimbos ke whateverrr but seriously, i always thought of you phenomenally talented beings have bigger characters as well.

then again, sape boleh nak lawan the power of love, nehhh?
okaylah darling em, you are forgiven.


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