lah dee da

sangat, sangat peaceful... i don't know where it's coming from

i found my maxi dress. i think it’s divine. it’s on its way.

also — a bargain. toootal bargain!


+ + +

dad was talking about dubai world and their financial crisis.
“dubai is like the americans. she spends on credit. she doesn’t have any money.”

oh, that sounds a lot like your daughter too.

+ + +

travelled to taiping yesterday and indulged in divine durians.

oh, so divine like toootally!

+ + +

i find myself printing out excerpts from on recycled paper at work. like ariff yang menyalahgunakan scanner office, i’m doing it with the printer (like all the time).

those (that i printed) are my daily newspapers. they keep me sane with sarcasms. i have them (sarcasm) for lunch and coffee.

+ + +

i put myself back where i was ten years ago — chatting in one of those YM rooms.

it was unhandleable with 13 buzzes every half an hour. aku lupa aku chat dengan sape and sape. can’t believe a/s/l is still the compulsory introduction.

nazz: budak-budak kecik kot (asking a/s/l).
moi: nooo… i even get them from 36 year olds. and the next question they asked is my bra cup size. i thought they wanted to have cybersex. they actually wanted real sex and are ready to arrange for a convenient time and place.

i’m afraid for our teenage girls.

+ + +

i have been surfing to find info on living and what to expect in japan. i’m hearing myself wanting to move to japan and work there. maybe sebab terlalu disuntik by you-know-what. and been mentioning possible japan trip with/sponsored by hanaz now and then ~ haha!

nazz: what are you going to do therrre? i think you’re better off in new york!
moi: i’m not feeling new york these days — albeit reading somehow i’m channelling myself towards becoming these demure oriental girl who speaks softly and wear everything lacey and have their hair in romantic curls.
nazz: eww, like i cannot imagine-lah! is this because of all those hunks in japan? i think they barely exists! whereas when you’re in NY, you’re seeing them eight out of every ten!


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