trés chic

shopping for labels, shopping for love
manolo and louis — it’s all i’m thinking of

already know what my addiction is
i’ll be looking for labels, i ain’t looking for love
i shop for purses while i walk out the door

don’t cry — buy a bag and get over it

and — i’m not concerned with all the politics
it’s a lot of men i know i could find another
oughta know that i’m always happy
when i walk out the store, store, store
i know i might come off as negative
i’ll be looking for labels, i ain’t looking for love
but relationships are often so hard to tame
and prada dresses never broke my heart before
and — ballin’s something that i’m fed up with
imma do the damn thing, watch me do the damn thing

cause i knowww — that my credit card will help me put out the flames, flames, flames

gucci, fendi, prada purses, purchasing them finer things
men they come a dime a dozen, just give me them diamond rings
i’m into a lot of bling, cadallic, chanel and coach — fellas boast!
but they can’t really handle my female approach
buying things is hard to say… rocking christian audigier,
manolo, ap-polo, taking photos in my cartier
so we can’t go all the way, i know you might hate it but
imma shop for labels while them ladies lay and wait for love

i’m guessing supercalifragi-sexy,
nothing to be playing with
i love him, hate him, kiss him,
just i’m trying to walk a mile in my kicks
love’s like a runway but which one do i love mooore?
no emotional baggage, just replace it with dior
love’s like a runway, so what’s all the fussing forrr?
let’s stop chasing them boys and shop some more
1! 2! 1, 2, 3! turn the lights on!

+ + +

work has been krazee but i’m loving the rush. i admit i miss my boss when she was on maternity leave to the point i honestly looked forward for her return. i guess some of you would say that i am supercrazy to be loving my boss — i thank HIM for the blessings of meeting me with wonderful bosses, so far. even if she is being a very mean miranda priestley when she feels like it, what the hell, she is the boss anyways. so far miss ai has been pretty supa-supportive and galpal-ish but she is stillstillstill and alwayyysss the boss like i worship-the-ground-she-walks that sort of thing.

and despite the rush and whatnot, miss ai is inspiring in the sense that she’s always dressy and classy like that — a constant reminder for moi to always appear presentable because we’ll never know when lightning would strike in the form of an ebizo ichikawa lookalike who’s ultra rich harta halal dunia akhirat and has his own G5 that he can pilot in case of catatostrophes like 2012, and he adores and loves me to the point he worships-the-ground-i-walk ~ aamiiin.

+ + +

semalam tea with the glam couple farizz and anysz di f.a.m. — glam, you, glammm, we were oogling at our footballers!

“why am i seeing all these bald guys, lately… and lots of them!” i asked to the table. no, they are not the footballers. they are the people coming to eat at f.a.m. who are wayyy gorgeouser and richeser to the point that their hotness factor is you keep dropping it like snoop dogg tells you so with pharrell williams.

farizz laughed, “dah itu taste engkau sekarang.”

there was this one particular, who came with his girlfriend wearing roxy jeans with the word “roxy” splattered across her non-existent bum. i couldn’t size him up in the sense of wealth because he wears these pair of asics, and, sorry i only tolerate them when takuya kimura being sponsored with those in engine. and he dopods. not blackberry. or even an iphone that i could still tolerate. blackberry lea baru powerrr, bang. baru ari gold.

then again, he’s short in the sense that short (enough for me) as a guy and hm, dia maybe nampak sekeping like a fully-clothed andre 3000 but he may not be that andre 3000 bicep-ish at all to bite on.

+ + +

classy ladies (like moi as according to izaryhey, it’s on his 6packs FB wall, what can i say) should not say fuck, fuckerrr, fucking or fcuk even if you could pronounce the last one.

say friggin‘. or effin‘.

be brit for this one time even though you’re a sworn new yorker.

+ + +

know how i never like akon? but i love david guetta. masa first announced the song sexy bitch, i dengar nama akon terus switched channel even though i heart guetta. then aneeza pasang in her omnia. masih tak layan. walaupun beat best.

but semalam, i picked up the beat at some random radio and i realized, shoot, its guetta and akon.

sekarang ini, dengar ulang-ulang — ya, telah saya download =p — selang seli dengan eurythmics’ sweet dreams. i’m in da clubbb with my snuggie hoodie ooh imma feeling sooo badass ~


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