gueci tried to type her daddy’s name. hence, the title.

actually it’s just gueci stepping on the keypads sesuka hati

haiii-yahhh dahdee ~

i’m looking for a gorgeous maxi dress to wear at the beach. online semuanya mahal-mahal kurasakan, nak pre-order yang murahan mana sempat within these four weeks left. i thought reject shop wouldn’t be such  a bad idea.

haizzz… be careful what you wish for. tau-tau aku dah tercegat di situ. tanpa nawaitu langsung nak sampai situ, -_-”
dah berkurun siot tak turun situ. f.o.s pun dah lama tak jejak.

eventually, it’s this black derek heart snug fit hoodie with PEACE at the front and peace logo at the back — timeless, i tell you, timeless! its freakintrès superchic to moi ^o^ — and a black with colourful studs galore wearereplay jacket hoodie — love at first sight. justified purchasing — and two grey items mum found. first it’s this snug fit long sleeve collar top by this beverly hills whatever — when its bh, and polo tee, theres always the horsie and the jockey — that she loves so much on moi, and a gorgeous babydoll straightcut grey tunic, \^o^/

dalam kepala asyik fikir ’bout i just got those new stuffs from bandung. it’s always like this, no? when you never — i mean, never, not the least — thought of shopping, tau-tau you dah asked your mum to swipe the card which surprisingly she agreed and you jalan sejauh mungkin dari kaunter sebab tak sanggup nak dengar total amount, -_-”

oh tak, ai tak nampak any maxi dress for sale kat reject shop itu. nggak.

+ + +

i’m filling up the room w kimutaku’s voice where he played the sengal tv-shopping-freak and friggin’ curious public prosecutor kuryu kohei in hero the movie. gorgeous-wise: terlampau. he’s always in checkered shirts, though.

and to be amused by how comic his work-and-maybe-love relationship with amamiya-san. totally sengal dua-dua ekor ni.

goodness, i miss its soundtrack. and the rest of the staffs’ spirit of muafakat and setiakawan. sengal dan sengal. extra sengal.


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