if you want to be happy, nobody’s going to stop you

i came to pick up this korean drama three brothers on channel 303. the brother who is the police officer came across this girl who was dumped by her boyfriend of five years — the one she took care of while he’s studying to become a public prosecutor. she bought him everything that he needed — clothes, food, a brand new celly. he dumped her when he finished his studies and became the government servant.

i easily relate myself to her, of course. when she called him after they broke up, crying her heart out telling that she’s missing him. time tu lea tak berhenti-henti hati kau menjerit panggilkan boyfriend lama kau — bius paling mujarab tapi mati cepat. i watched as the girl made the phone calls, menangis tak berhenti, panggilkan the asshole of a boyfriend — masa ni memang tak ade orang lain yang kau nakkan kecuali si keparat itu. even then bila dia kembali layankan kau pun kamu masih tak berapa happy sebenarnya. dirundung kerisauan teramat sebab dia bukan yang dulu lagi — hmm, mana pergi dia yang dulu tu kan?

perempuan tu kena cemuh terlalu obsess, terlampau sensitif. asyik-asyik nak ugut break up sampai boyfriend dia pun naik turn off. hmm… okay.

tiap kali the police officer brother bumped into this girl mesti the girl tu tengah meroyan rayukan boyfriend lama dia sampai her cookie terjatuh. cookie as in the breast padding, the girl’s (desperate) breast illusion (padding) — according to the makcik gerai mi tempat the girl broke up dengan boyfriend dia (the girl suruh the boyfriend tanggal every piece of cloth that she bought for him which he was wearing at the time) — maka the police officer brother ni tukang kutip cookie pompuan tu each time pompuan tu dah almost tak bernafas menangis mabuk tak hengat ape kecuali being desperate wanting to go back to those times she was happy — with the asshole.

girl: mr. officer, does it hurt being hit by a bullet?
police officer bro: — — —
girl: i’m sure it hurts. can you help me erase my memory? i’m sure i will be happy again when all my memory is erased. i don’t want to remember anything ~

hm, i’m depressed again. tapi suara dalam diri hentak-hentak kata, “i. am. not. depressed! i don’t want to go back there! i. AM. NOT. depressed!” aku masih pandang belakang, tapi aku tak mahu berada dalam keadaan emosi begitu. sangat turbulence, dowh. i’ve had enough. i want to be happy — walaupun sakit like being hit by a bullet.


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