gripping grip

gravity hasn’t called. i just dropped by.

“always the tone of surprise” is being abandoned

until further notice

to be expected when abandoned period ceased —

  • the detailed story of why blair’s bridesmaids are worthy of a balenciaga pair (and more!)
  • the new kit in town the haus
  • admitting on the line, “… walau jalan terus, harus pandang belakang” when she rediscovered too phat’s family wanna battle recently and longing for the walk with me track.
  • her (long and detailed) comment on the home-wreckers who think that they are rightfully doing a favour in everybody’s relationships that they are involved with — although she has been wanting to stop blogging about men unless he’s a celebrity like joe flizzow or ebizo ichikawa xi.
  • pictures that goes along with the entries (maybe)
  • bonus: she may start opening up for voluntary, sincere, poignant, sarcastic, provoking, overwhelmed, amusing, challenging, sexy and everywhere-along-the-line comments for attos. maybe. she’s trying to fight ’em demons.

signing off,

jika kau tahu ini yang kau mahu
mengapa ragu tidak perlu malu
dengarkan bisikan dan suara hati
kerna malam ini cinta kita kan abadi
usah risaukan cerita dulu-dulu
kita sampai sahaja usah terburu-buru
walau mata memandang dari setiap penjuru
biarkan sahaja mereka cemburu

~ wouhuu, i ❤ u, joe flizzow!

the who is updated.