kiss the chin

outdated | 29th august

masa sampai rasta, elyas walked in front of me as we approached the warungs. at that time, i remembered that i dreamt of this already.

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Dear all hot babes, thx 4 d dinner watch cookies cupcake n all u guys hv arrgd 4 me, all very well organizd n melatops, dis is 1 of d greatest mmt i ever had in life, i love u babe n nani salah is sooo d very cool! Thx gurls muahx

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because of the recent financial slipage, my mum grounded me. at the age of 26, kena grounded!

tagg: jadi rapunzel lah kau!

maka untuk birthday anysz di bulan yang mulia ini, i asked for special permission from mum. tapi aku lupa that ade plan nak pegi penang — hantar telur ikan semata, hajat bapak kita, perkenankan je lea sementara dia masih ade. i realized the conflict masa contact zarko yang baru bangun tido di pukul sepuluh pagi.

when i told mum of the conflict, my mum also the berbelah bahagi like moi. heh. anysz is almost family also, and mum is starting a trend to give flowers ever since aneeza’s last. eventually we decided on a daytrip to penang the day after anysz’s birthday.

pagi of the birthday celebration, merapu dengan nazz on fb pages pasal nak pakai baju ape. in my head sudah ade that red top that i’ve only wore once to chap’s friend’s dinner earlier this year. rasa macam tak nak lah aku pakai baju yang sama nanti nak bergambar masuk fb lah, jadah… but then i realized baju itu belum difotografikan lagi, and it’s red — hello, lookatme, lookatme! and i’m really having the mood for it despite its quarter bareback with strings — bulan puasa, nokkk.
tapi aku nak pakai that red top itu sahaja — its length can be brought down to the knees. then reality hits back, reminding moi of my thighs the size of tree trunks — quoting natalie of love actually — and it’s bulan puasa, nokkk.
other than that maybe aku meragam because i’m attending this without a date. again. i totally feel like bridget jones. i am sooo bridget jones.

around 4pm start berhias — aneeza coming to pick up around 5pm. mum beriya nak bagi bunga tapi tak sempat nak beli hence she substituted it with her cookies. earlier in the morning aneeza and cordee shopped for anysz’s pressie, balloons and cupcakes. aneeza had her hair different — straightened and bangs (female jealousy!) — and elyas was beriya with his beanie and muffler. betul lea tocarn tegur diorang, “hey, japanese couple!” tunggu cordee pulak datang to my haus and the four of us gerak together to eden, again elyas is doing a 140 with instructions by aneeza how to send messages effectively to other driver to make way for him on the fast lane.

sampai eden, nani and sala were already there. pasang balloons satu-satu on each chair and we waited for anysz and farizz. they came along with farizz’s besties, tocarn, jekdaimon and del.

*will be updated. again. soon.*

pictures at rasta creds to zarko