ini bukan blog seks dengan bomoh!


my blog kerapkali direfer dari sini.

berikutan long time ago i blogged an entry titled “suessy and her mois”. i couldn’t recall what i blogged. what i could recalled in relation to this entry is, i blogged this when i was still with tagg, masa tu an entry to justify moi that tagg is getting tired of, “mois” is the plural of “moi” so it was more or less — more on more — that it was about me and my many other me-s (the plural of me, in french me is moi).

i guess the word mois ni the generator mistaken as moist as in moist cunt or moist pussy in relation to this hornyristic blog — current entry is ‘seks dengan budak negro’ yang aku terbaca the title masa nak link its home url, big eew! — dan moist dalam bahasa melayu adalah lembap dan pelinciran dan pemancutan and you know the rest of the vocabs in relation.

at times, MM can be disappointing to even blog — even in just a little note — about seks dengan bomoh. he’s better than that. even kalau nak kata it’s one of his impulsive-crushlike-intrigue subjects… this topic does not worth the time of people like… MM and his loyallls.

ye lahhh, aku ni pun telah spent some time to publicity kan this hornyristic blog. but this is an amusement note, not a soalan cepu mas (edisi terselak metro harian/kosmo). haha.

never the mind.

bring in the rage, MM loyals.