okay, i want my long hair back. tak sesabar to have it grown long, long and loooong. i will do the datin curls whateverrr, colour it to make my hair looked 3d whateverrr, big hair, big hair!

i’ve always believed girls with long hair have much more fun. not to mention kinkier. i will not update my hair any shorter. but i will still be seeing my hairstylist boyfie to colour my hair. eh, pegi pada the professional lah — because i’m worth it. ecece.

and mesti ade bangs. long thick — veeery thick — bangs.

when you walked through the door
it was plain to me
you’re the one they adore
who they came to see
you’re a rockstar
everybody wants you
playa, who could really blame you
we’re the ones who made you