frost smitten

it’s either …

he doesn’t know how to read the clock


we are both living in different time zones

i am fuuurious.

with my has been a longtime craving for chocolates anyways, i feasted my eyes with pictures of dylan’s candy bar and i am even thinking of shipping him the most colourful and sexiest piece of candy (and its actually moi yang tengah furious iniaku pun tak faham kenapa i have this intention?) — like i have the money, to satisfy my own cravings pun tak lepas (which is good anyways, because if i indulged myself id be getting faaattt).

tapi… lepas dah bergaduh dengan friend one and friend two… dan secara right-timing pulak dia called untuk menjelaskan keadaan, aku pun tak larat nak fuuurious lama-lama — and i badly needed someone to talk to to talk sense into me.

it’s okay… he’ll get me the chocolates then. berbakul-bakul.