feed me sunshine

i realized that on last tuesday, i didn’t eat. it was only two mugs of coffee, one-and-a half bottle of water and a few fries. i somewhat did that last monday too — except without the fries.

bad news can really held you off your appetite. or a lot of work. (the work) that i like and taking it at my own pace since now i get to dipped it in as much as i want — although it’s with a dateline (since its the nature of it), but i’m enjoying it cause this is not the only project i will get the chance to do (hopefully).

i can live the life that i want. and it totally opened up to a lot more new things. liking it or not, i’m just glad i’m out of the comfort zone and relishing it.

as to the bad news part… i gotta signed off for now. have a tahlil to attend. and supporting cuzn W and D.