soft shock

do not listen to any of the yeah yeah yeahs’ song ulang-ulang (i tend to put the particular song that i currently like on repeat mode). boleh mati mulut berbuih. the track is nice and lovely to chill through but it tends to freeze up my brain when i have it a little bit too much.

i painted my room sunny corn yellow and it makes my room look cramped up. the previous bubblegum purplepink paint made my room felt wider dowh. dang.

shakin ma tailfeather period. gotta give it to pharrell. he put his she wants to move spell on moi. bahaya jiggling on your seat while at the office. perlu ke ben’s club. | antimatter | spaz | yeah you |

smitten. ini adalah bahaya. smitten yang lebih bijak? play your cards right. haihhh, dia masih berjaya menambat hati gue dan buatkan aku terbalik dari kerusi secara tidak literal (strong visualization skills applied). he is still desirable. cepat leaaa suessy get over this smitten period or him proposing (lambat lagi or tarak langsung), whichever comes first. the saiiikeek formula is this —

antara kitorang bertiga, siapa kahwin dulu?
i’m guessing the guys would go first and i’m neither their bride —
or i got hitched first and either one of them is the groom

will chopped the hair to perfect bob again after that wedding with pharhunt. in a way, ya — the conventional self of moi — i find it unladylike to have short hair when you are wearing the demuring kurung moden. even though you would have look another five feet taller or mega-hot-petite (depends on your height) when you sport a short crop but still… these kurung and kebaya goes off way better with long hair. bukan yang long superstraight rebonded hair also, okayyy, the ikal mayang kind. and especially being it jet black. the blondes come and go, but the brunnette stays foreverrr.

kenya and moeli is alarrrmingly kurus. they are wayyy more aneroxic than me. and monti keeps having anxiety attack he needs to be calmed down. macam anak puppy pun ade jugak — dah puppy lagi mau letak anak kat depan the word… whatever. luesi is… masih melakukan larian lompat kijang bila nampak botol spray dia di tanganku (rawatan gigi longgar dia) dan mengacah-acah all the unanimated objects yang dia belum pernah jumpa… seperti tools orang yang repair bumbung rumah hari tu. kau tepuk tangan dengan kuat sekali je luesi akan melompat ke udara sebab terkejut. haihhh aku ni… dah tau dia ade hernia still nak buat jantung dia lagi lagi misplaced. Istighfar now. sophie is semakin gemuk but will not let anyone touch her. but she loves to talk to you, though — when she’s hungry.