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quoting mojakura, and all the wonderful scriptwriters of the j-dorama change

i’ve always thought that
chosen through election, represent the citizens,
and the Prime Minister who stands above them all
is the most powerful person among all the citizens.
but i don’t feel that way anymore.

promise to work for the sake of the citizens
and are chosen by the citizens.
and the Prime Minister,
works the hardest for the sake of the people,
while carrying duties and responsibilities on his shoulders.

people who bow their heads during election
then act like royalty after winning, are not real politicians!

people who don’t use words
that can be understood by everyone are not real politicians!

people who prioritize their own interest
over the happiness of the people are not real politicians.

and most of all,
not knowing what the people hate
what they desire
and what they want to believe in …
someone who doesn’t know those
cannot be a real Prime Minister!

there’s a lot of people like that
in the political world that i’ve seen.
if becoming a professional politician
means obeying their rules
then i don’t want to be a professional!

i promise,
with eyes like yours,
i will find the problem in politics and correct it.

i promise,
with ears like yours,
i will seriously listen to the tiniest voice of those who are called weak.

i promise,
with legs like yours,
i will run without hesitation towards the problem scene.

i promise,
with hands like yours,
i will work with sweat stained hands
and point towards
the path that this country should take.


my everything…


my everything will be like yours!


we’re laughing
— not because you made us happy.

we’re crying
— not because you made us miss you when you are dismissed… let go… departed…


if so we do not respect our rulers… are we the rakyat were heard… rightfully?
have we been made not worth the respect — from the rulers who we rooted for to represent us?


back to the basic. one is only thy representative.
not the whoever-you-think-you-rightfully-are.