gained consciousness

hari tu aku rasa macam an authentic new yorker having chinese takeaway for dinner. fried rice, chicken kung pao, and roe. almost typical, eh? i least like chicken kung pao because it’s too spicy for my liking and i prefer lemon chicken because the chicken is breaded and yeah i like everything a la japanese chicken cutlet like that — something crispy over broth/gravy.

telur ikan is quite an obtainable luxury (that is, a luxury for moi) these last few months, courtesy from dad. idylically, for supper — when i skipped dinner — i can eat the gulai lemak cili padi telur ikan (okay, i can braved through the superciliness of the gravy) over white rice. konon a la japanese lea tu. biarlah. aku kan suka berangan dan ade belambak-lambak alter egos. 

mum is a connoiseur when it comes to cooking telur ikan. she does it just right that the telur is not so gooey but not hard-boiled either. it’s like when the egg hit betweens your upper and lower teeth, it has this pleasant pop you can literally hear within the cave of your mouth and you can feel the liquid drips like a velvet velvet. whatever.

also, it seems that aku tak ade selera langsung nak breakfast at 8.30am… aku cuma rasa nak makan when it’s 9.30am and above. then masa lunch ravenous nak mampos, if that is my last ten bucks and it’s only the third week of the month… fuck it, dude — i’m fucking hungry, okay. lepas tu kat office, around 3.30pm start lapar again and kau macam tak cukup tanah tak sabar-sabar nak pukul 5.30 to terus balik rumah and get that chicken sandwich toasted. omg, asyik lapar.

lepas tu obsess pasal how biggg your arm is getting. omg. gemukkk.

a few months ago, i purchased an 88-pallette eyeshadow/blusher/bronzersss case. complete with its basic set of brushes. masa tu aku tengah berduit so i just spent it on the two walaupun masa tu aku tak beriya dan tak inspired langsung nak experiment.

starting yesterday, i got into it. there’s a wedding at the end of the month and i’m thinking of the grey kurung moden hence i was sooo inspired to grey-eyeshadowed me. craziness dropped for a hello and ended up with moi spreading metallic silver on my eyelid, lined the upper lashline with shocking pink, did each half of waterline with electric blue and sunny yellow. mum’s inquiry: why mata you nampak lebam? haihhh. there goes the betsey johnson-inspired makeup.

masa kat office tadi, gelejat nak main-main mekap. tak sabar-sabar nak balik nak test spread gold eyeshadow on the lid and frost dark brown on the crest to go with my saloma-sesat orange kurung moden. at home, after grilled chicken sandwich with cheese, tony doing columbia,  bathe and directly telling off tagg so that i could start the experiment — applied as suggested answer on yahoo — it turned out that somewhat macam aku tak put on anything pun. haihhh. cuba lagi, saloma… err, suessy.

wiped it off, and i did this. first try, okay. be nice. and those are my eyelashes. not wearing any falsies at all.