the doc is in

wait. what? chuck and suraya are preggers now?

the heat these days is killing me. i’m easily tagged with migrained once the heat became too unbearable it clumped on either side of my head and burst into migraine. the pill doc gave moi, the one that knocked you off to sleep, makes the migraine — even the stabby-stabbiest that whenever you turned your head you felt a piercing pain follows you 180 degrees, the most excruciating one (at least for moi) — totally bearable, because you are in a deep slumber. the only time i woke up is because the air-cond timer is up — and the heat starts to gangraped me again with a gang of one — so i switched it on back for another two hours and i just easily fell asleep again like a baby. but i am worrying that i am becoming dependent with the med. takpe, i still have my anxiety attack med. whatever.

suraya is having a beautiful pregnancy, thank you for asking

still, the japanese dorama feel keep hanging over me that i am getting restless and the only med for that — classic gossip girl fab four gang at work. nevermind if it is so a la scooby doo — i really hate that toon — it is not every episode that they come together, else i won’t be such a fan. usually each of them has their own issue but they keep in touch by updating sickly daily dosage or simply to know each other’s venue so they won’t bump into each other while handling it miscarryingly and being discovered with their ugly secret. until so… it is still justifiable that when you demand attention or a hug or a shoulder to burst your heart out, your girlfriends will still accept you with open arms on top of knowing how meroyan you could get and they know that they are the only one who knows how to control you. else, if you have been all out living las vegas on with your only desired companion at the time, switching off your phone, never to return call or text or e-mail… and only come to your girlfriends when all fall down from your side — you will then taste how bitter it is being alone when you thought to simply come over, simply barged in, simply make plans with your girlfriends, simply crashing over on your girlfriends without exactly telling the hostess you are coming over but none of them answer your call. boo hoo hoo.

heart B's skirt --- coquettish!

after paper on tuesday, went to curve for drinks and later the unplanned movie — which i have already read over on the spoiler site (which i never thought of disclosing but the site is unblindingly obvious anyways) — eew, this is how a B-movie feels like, i always do a small time of ‘muhasabah’ at the opening of a B-movie to really seeps into how it feels like watching one. i could only stomached a flop if it is fills with an A-list casts or even if the casts in the B-movie is desirable (but not to the point that it could sparks new interest in moi) the casts has to be the one i identified as my own desire list (falsafah pharhunt on citarasa applies here) then only i could enjoy the movie. else i am just about wondering when will i get my long legs sculptured and fats at the stomach part of the anatomy removed. back to the drinks with girlfriends part. i was attacked about tagg by the two-third of the holy trinity of fgk-s, shared a dish on ben’s past courtesy of aneeza and then deciding whether we are going to accompany cordee for that B-movie or watch wolverine. aneeza found out i already knew how the movie goes, she leaned on her left to asked me whether the sister/the father/the babysitter will die or not and then leaned on her right so elyas can shield her sight from the bwahhh-there’s-the-crazy-dead-woman-ghost-screaming-to-yourheroine’s-face.

mr pharhunt will be 'taken care' of

pharhunt called after the movie asking where i am and when i told him what i have just finished, he accused me of cheating so i ensured him although there was a man in the outing, i did not get a chance to kiss him on the lips. afterwards, i had my first game of pool which aneeza and cordee were pretty encouraging on me. putting aside rules and the proper way to hold the stick, i managed to put four balls in the hole — not bad for a damn novice moi. then we were left with ball no. 14 and no. 8, to which aneeza said let’s put the no. 14 first and put no. 8 ball the last one for the thrill (in other words, boleh main lama sikit). in the end the three of us put in neither of the balls even though aneeza pulled away that last instruction and she asked elyas to finish the game. watching elyas so smoothly play pool is indeed a wow — for a novice like moi — and it was tricky to put in ball no. 14 but elyas did it anyways at the first try and yes, he deserves the wow-i’m-so-turned-on stare from aneeza to him.

in order to pujuk-pujuk mum for bolting off after paper and not being at home when she comes home from work, i purchased a sandwich at o’briens with my card that has a quarter of hundred that i saved for a time like this or when i simply need to be sandwiched but i do not have any money. whichever comes first. and yes, lelaki-lelaki di o’briens sama ramah seperti lelaki-lelaki di subway. aku suka premis ini juga. kisskiss the girls then went home, blithefully with an o’briens paperbag — my last day as a faux-calite ha ha ha. hmmm… not exactly the last day. the last days, maybe. on friday (after paper as well), i went to curve — omigosh it is so hot, hence the killer migraine — bought pastries and flowers for tea and oh, how i love these idyllic stuffs. i feel at ease so at peace… sukanyaaa (^-^).

last words… dan humphrey must die. and although i agree with gossip girl at the thought of georgina coming back to UES can still bring shudders, loved it when georgina told off blair, “taking care of what you obviously couldn’t”… because G is doing this for B’s forgiveness anyways. ha ha ha.

don't pop the baby yet, daddy's coming!

say it, say it… i know you’re dying to say xoxo