+ in the voice of a la gossip girl +

besties and a boyfiewhat you should and should not do

never mind the headline, i may not get to the point even vaguely. i just like to put it up there.

one may have her lives filled with so many people who cares for her — who are not of flesh and blood — without realizing it because she always imagines herself being all alone facing the world.

this could be because she’s only hanging to one particular person for advices and ends up throwing a fit because the paticular person she’s counting on has something else going on that is beyond control.

or, the one person that she has been denying all these times may be the one person that she can actually counts on to be with her 24/7 — while at the same time she herself providing advices and therapy sessions for that one person to reach his goal.

and ultimately, she will ends up alone again.

will she?

somehow, one after another follows. it’s getting very bloatful — if that is even a word. really stopping to look? it was about expanding the network. it was about getting to know more. it was about getting to judge, evaluate and analyze the outcomes of so many faces coming in and out of your life.

then again with all the other people that has been in your life all these times, you are still learning new things in this department. a whole new level of what friends are. learning to be patient, better translation of give-and-take and comprehensive understanding of tolerance. learning to commit better in friendships. learning to relive the moments that both are at their happiest.

a call was made to a particular bestie. the bestie is away. should the bestie is a boyfie, the caller would have sulked and made the boyfie have a guilty-fantastic time. the boyfie will then deal with the caller when the fantastic time ended, guilty time stays — for the next 24 hours, or minutes (if the relationship is in the honeymoon phase: i couldnt be mad at you for long coochiecoo).

the caller then sent out dinner invitations and eating fried chicken while waiting for the rsvp-s and planning what to dolled up for the drinks later. all is well.