lloyd and dorota

dearest darl-darl (ouuu… so un-professional, no… and scandalous never put aside, i still want to be considered as your PA).
am currently downloading waltz tracks i could find and will have them ready for your evaluation over sandwiches at o’briens — http://www.obriensonline.com/ — it is truly blissful, sandwiches… you should also try panini, darl-darl.
anyways, think i’m agreeing with you as i’m downloading and at the same time listening to them waltzes… tak ade lea jugak terlalu regal for a kenduri… layan lea jugak… at least for me, cant really speak for them JUSAs…
about the floor manager position, pharhunt… hmm… aku very honoured that you would assign me to such a responsibility but truthfully speaking, aku tak rasa nak shouldered any responsibilities. aku find satisfaction in merely being a p.a. where i will make the calls on your behalf, get your coffee/tea/sandwiches, writing down notes, rsvp on your behalf, arrange your appointments, research and get your materials ready… keje-keje seorang p.a.
nevermind about berkembang or not… for now, aku nak keje-keje mudah macam tu… aku tgh… a bit K.O…. i am not that much of a ‘potential person’ right now… sedang letting go and… hmm, tak tau lea ini mid-life crisis ke ape, aku kehilangan that ‘ambitious’ part of me… just that for now… aku sangat root for a p.a. position and working with you, would be… rewarding, because sincerely in my humble opinion engkau reti appreciate your subordinates….
will you… will you consider moi…? or this is the part of me you hated, as much as the way i forced you to consider me as your girlfriend? haha, sorry… but really, you need a p.a. and i’m offering myself, ;-). let me know if you want to review my resume.

+ + +

my last day at the current company i’m attached with is 29-may-2009.
  • i am available for translation works (bahasa malaysia to english at RM2/A4-size page).
  • i am also happy to be of your personal assistance to you in conducting an event/seminar/camps and alike.
  • working as a nanny is also most desirable for me. i love to work with children, playing, caring, feeding, and reading to them.
for any further inquiries, i can be contacted at suessysuessy@yahoo.com.